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The Josephine Christiansen Organ Bursary

In 1972, Desmond James Christiansen offered to provide $75 a year during the remainder of his life, and an amount of $1,250 on his death, for an annual scholarship to commemorate his wife, Josephine Christiansen.

The University having accepted the offer, the following rules are hereby made:

  1. A bursary to be known as ‘The Josephine Christiansen Organ Bursary’ shall be available for award annually.
  2. The value of the bursary shall be $150 or such other amount as determined by the Director of the Elder Conservatorium.
  3. Any student intending to study or to continue studying the organ at the Elder Conservatorium shall be eligible to compete for the bursary.
  4. If in the opinion of the examiners no candidate at the examination for the bursary shows sufficient merit, the bursary shall lapse for that year, but in that event an additional bursary may be awarded in a subsequent year.
  5. These rules may be changed by the University from time to time, but the title and purpose of the bursary shall not be changed.
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