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The Fund for Elder Conservatorium Students in need of assistance

  1. Help will be given only in exceptional cases and then on the understanding that any amount advanced should, if possible be repaid later (but this proviso need not be obligatory).
  2. Only persons who have already completed at least one year of study in the Elder Conservatorium and who would otherwise be obliged to discontinue their studies are eligible for assistance from the fund.
  3. Any application for assistance from the fund shall be communicated by the teacher of the applicant to the Director of the Elder Conservatorium who, after making such investigations, will submit a recommendation to the Executive Dean.
  4. Any assistance granted from the fund is to be applied solely to the payment of fees for tuition or for examinations at the Elder Conservatorium.
  5. The Executive Dean and the Director of the Elder Conservatorium shall together decide upon the amount of the assistance to be given and shall generally be responsible to the University for the proper administration of the fund.
  6. Notwithstanding the general rule 2 concerning scholarships for tuition at the Elder Conservatorium, assistance from this fund may be granted to a student who holds another scholarship tenable for tuition at the Elder Conservatorium, subject to the provisions of rule 3 governing this fund.
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