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Industry Engagement and Partnerships

We are committed to delivering the best results for our local and global community. Through our industry partnerships, we have been able to produce real commercial outcomes.

The Arts Faculty provides specialist expertise in research design, project implementation, strategic planning, risk assessment, data review and documentation, as well as program and policy appraisal.

We partner in a number of ways:

  • as joint applicants on major research grants
  • as contract and consultant researchers
  • by supporting an active internship program where undergraduates can be provided free of charge to tackle small research needs
  • by provision of targeted training
  • by provision of speakers at industry and community events

Contact our Research Development Manager to discuss your research interests.

  • Industry Partners

    Our research partners include Federal and State Government Agencies, Local Government, various large and small private companies, other higher education institutions, international statutory authorities, museums, aid agencies, financial institutions and banks, regional and economic development groups and authorities, community and professional associations, various funds, boards, commissions and corporations - even a Sultan.

    Our services include research project management and tailored outputs such as detailed narratives, socio-economic models, and reports. We are experts in research design, and use a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods: desk top studies, data capture and analysis, modelling and projection at various scales, literature review, observation, consultation through focus groups, in-depth interviews, computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI), and web-based survey methods.

  • Partner Profiles

    The City of Charles Sturt

    The Partnership

    Image on left

    The City of Charles Sturt collaborated with the University of Adelaide on the ARC Linkage Project: “Hostel Stories”. The Hostel Stories project examined  three migrant hostels located in the Charles Sturt area. These hostels had a direct impact in shaping the communities of Charles Sturt, with many former hostel residents permanently settled in the surrounding suburbs.There was little information on these hostels and the role they played in the migrant experience, including settlement - a significant gap in the history of the Charles Sturt community.

    Importance of the Project

    The history and stories of migration and settlement are very important to the Charles Sturt community, which comprises over 100 different cultures and each year continues to welcome new citizens from migrant backgrounds.
    “Examining the role that hostels played in the settlement of migrants may yield some understanding as to how Council may be able to better assist emerging communities overcome the challenges faced by them as they settle into Charles Sturt." (Charles Sturt CEO Mark Withers)
    Charles Sturt hopes that information on the Woodville hostel in particular will be beneficial to future ‘place activation’ work that will be undertaken as part of a major revitalisation of Woodville Road.

    Projected Outcomes

    The projected outcomes of the partnership include:

    • documentation and evidence of an important part of Charles Sturt history
    • development of a travelling exhibition to be made available in 2013-14 for display at one or more relevant sites in Charles Sturt
    • a report detailing relevant findings and potential actions for Council on future preservation and interpretation of migrant hostel history
    • development of electronic resources which can be linked to Council website
    • access to relevant historical materials located during the project for use in future research or heritage work by the council or interested individual residents

    Migration Museum

    The Partnership

    Image on leftThe Migration Museum, managed by History SA, works towards the preservation, understanding and enjoyment of South Australia's diverse cultures. The Migration Museum has contributed to "Hostel Stories" by assisting with curating and by providing access to archival materials, oral histories, and material artefacts. They have also hosted reunions and other  to their Hostel Stories exhibit by providing detailed scholarly information about all the SA hostels, as well as assistance with sourcing relevant artifacts and photographs.

    The Migration Museum has also recently partnered with the J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice and EU Centre for Global Affairs at the University of Adelaide to host the temporary exhibition Macau Days. Featuring the enigmatic images on internationally renowned artist John Young and the dazzling poetry and prose of Brian Castro brought vividly to life in a sound installation by Luke Harrald, this exhibition explored the eclectic mix of cultures that have created contemporary Macau.



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