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Student Profiles

Current students share their experiences of university life, the motivations behind their degree choices and their hopes for the future.

Christina Yeo

PhD (International Migration)

Christina has been awarded the esteemed Malaysian Federal Government Scholarship to pursue her doctorate in international migration, focusing on transnationalism and diaspora.
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Catherine Story

Bachelor of Arts (English and Gender Studies & Social Analysis)

I chose the B.A. because it gave me the flexibility to have a broad range of subject options, without having to narrow down my career choices straight away.

Johanna Ng

Bachelor of Music (Honours) in Classical Piano

Being amongst all these people who have the same aspirations and passion as you is absolutely amazing. We drive each other.

Josiah Kreig

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and French Studies)

I changed to the Bachelor of Arts so I could complete a major in both Psychology and French, and then that gave me the freedom to pursue either.

Bernard Evans

Bachelor of Social Sciences/Bachelor of Health Sciences (Linguistics)

It's important to get yourself into a good study ethic. If you come prepared, you get so much more out of it.

Tiffany Hocking

Bachelor of Arts (French Studies, Spanish Studies and Italian Studies)
Diploma in Languages (German Studies)

If you don't enjoy what you study, you won't enjoy uni at all, so make sure you pick something you really enjoy.

Sandra Horne

Bachelor of Arts (Classics and History)

It took me perhaps a year to settle into uni because I felt so much older than everybody else, but it wasn't really a problem. The only person who cared about my age was me.

Alex Taylor

Bachelor of Music (Jazz Trombone)

I enjoyed one-on-one lessons because it's a chance to see how you're improving week-to-week.

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