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Staff Profiles

Find out what inspired our staff to pursue their chosen fields, and why they are passionate about the programs they coordinate.

Dr Ben McCann

Senior Lecturer, French Studies
Associate Dean for Student Experience

Paris, for me, is the city of light; it's the most beautiful city in the world.

Dr Susan Oakley

Associate Professor, Gender Studies and Social Analysis
Head of School, School of Social Sciences

Having really good, transferable skills, is going to be really critical [for young graduates].

Professor Clement Macintyre

Lecturer, Politics

Graduates of International Studies and Arts go on to a wide range of tasks. There are some really inspiring stories from students that have come out of those degrees.

Dr Douglas Bardsley

Coordinator, Graduate Program in Environmental Policy and Management
Senior Lecturer, Geography, Environment and Population

My father’s a Geographer, so I spent my youth driving across the Australian landscape, learning about how people were altering the environment.

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