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Take a look at some of our department's current research activities.

  • Research Activities
    A selection of current research activities
    Name Research Activities

    Prof Chris Beasley

    Chris's research interests include Social/political theory, Gender & Sexuality, Citizenship & community, Ethics & International studies and Cultural Politics.
    Dr Benito Cao Politics & Popular Culture, Identity Politics, Latin American Politics
    Dr Priya Chacko Non-Western thought in International Relations, identity and foreign policy in India, India's engagement with Africa and India and global governance
    Prof Tim Doyle Tim is Chair and Co-Director of The Indo-Pacific Governance Research Centre and is is Project Leader for the Australian Research Council Discovery Project (2012-2015) entitled: ‘Building and Indian Ocean Region.’ The remit: ‘The Indian Ocean Region, of vital geopolitical importance to Australia, is the heart of the Third World - overwhelmed by chronic poverty, precarious political systems, and conflicting ethno-religious identities. This project will document attempts at constructing regional identities and institutions, and facilitate the process of building a secure Region’.
    Dr Wayne Errington Democracy and democratic theory; political leadership and communication.
    Prof Lisa Hill

    2014-2016. ARC Discovery Grant, Project Title: 'The First 'Liberals': Stoicism in the Enlightenment' (with Han Baltussen).

    2012-2014. ARC Discovery Grant, Project Title: 'The Science of Welfare: Adam Smith's Political Thought'.

    Prof Carol Johnson Amongst other current research projects, Carol is sole CI on a 2014-16 ARC Discovery grant (DP140100168) entitled: "Expanding equality: A historical perspective on developments and dilemmas in contemporary Australian social democracy." 
    Prof Clem Macintyre Australian political history; Australian politics; elections
    Dr Tiziana Torresi Political philosophy
    Dr Czeslaw Tubilewicz China's and Taiwan's Foreign Relations; Europe's Relations with Asia
  • Indo-Pacific Governance Research Centre

    The Indo-Pacific Governance Research Centre agenda encompasses issues of social and political governance – which are often transnational in scope and origin – pertaining to  key problems and issues confronting states, civil society, and citizens in the Indo-Pacific region. These include questions of institutional reform and development, inequalities, human rights, financial and economic governance, environmental and human security. In adopting this approach we hope to generate a better understanding of more effective strategies for improving governance, which hopefully in the long run will enhance public policy making in key areas such as climate change, poverty reduction, gender equality, social policy and human security.

    A key aspect of the research agenda of the IPGRC is the identification and analysis of the impact of the emerging Indo-Pacific Powers for the institutions and processes of global and regional governance as well as their implications for Australian politics, institutions and public policy.

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