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About Us

From the local to the global, we explore the ins-and-outs of political decision-making, and the profound ideas about social justice and democracy which inspire both you and others to feel, think and act.

Politics & International Studies is an increasingly important discipline to pursue. It covers topics such as:

  • individual countries and how they function
  • the impact of culture on political decision-making
  • how governments deal with issues such as unemployment in an economically interdependent world
  • how issues of gender and sexuality impact on political affairs
  • the rise of China and what it means to the region and Australia.

We offer a number of courses on security and intelligence, governance and public policy, the intricacies of understanding justice and rights, and how these can be achieved in practice. We cover a wide range of countries in our research and teaching, including Northeast, Southeast and South Asia, Eastern Europe, the European Union, the Americas and the Middle East.

Our lecturers are friendly, helpful and regularly rated by students as outstanding teachers. They are also leading authorities in their fields.

We offer internship opportunities which give you the change to pursue projects in areas that interest you, and have strong links with the Australian Institute of International Affairs (SA), and the United Nations Association of Australia (SA Division).

The study of Politics & International Studies will be invaluable in whatever line of work you take up, whether it is negotiating and writing policy in the public sector, working in the growing areas of diplomacy, security and intelligence, or joining the private sector and working abroad.

Department of Politics
& International Relations

Ground Floor, Napier Building


T: +61 8 8313 2084