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Postgraduate Destinations

Completion of postgraduate research is a necessary step for pursuit of an academic career in philosophy, and a number of our students have continued in the profession after graduating, in highly ranked PhD programs as well as in postdoctoral and faculty positions. But we have many students who pursue masters and doctoral degrees for other reasons too.

All of the graduates of our program have found themselves able to draw on the skills that they develop while pursuing their postgraduate degrees, in careers inside and outside academia. Successful completion of a research thesis displays a range of competencies – in research, analysis, and time management – that all employers value.

Below we give information, where known, about the destinations of our postgraduates after leaving us. We would appreciate any corrections to this information.


  • Alex Greville, PhD, A Consequentialist Evaluation of Industry Funding and Commercialisation of Public Biomedical Research
  • Chris Letheby, PhD, The Philosophy of Psychedelic Transformation, Lecturer, University of Western Australia
  • Andy Mckilliam, MPhil, Emergence and experience: systemic emergence and the prospects for a mechanistic explanation of the existence of experience, PhD student, Philosophy, Monash University


  • Mark Coleman, MPhil, Realist and Anti-Realist Approaches in Philosophy of Science: Perspective and Representational Pluralism in Scientific Discovery, clinical pathologist


  • Diane Stringer, PhD, Constructing time: temporal experience and its future directed aspects, casual teaching, University of Adelaide
  • Jason Tillett, MPhil, The value of benevolence: Spinoza and perfectionism


  • Chris Letheby, MPhil, Understanding is simulating : a defence of embodied linguistic comprehension, continued to PhD.


  • Esther Speight, PhD, Autonomy and chronic condition self-management programs, lecturer at Eynesbury College, Adelaide


  • Matt Fisher, PhD, The science of social reasoning and decision making: foundations of a new social-liberal theory, Senior Research Fellow, Southgate Institute for Health, Society and Equity, Flinders University


  • Rosemary Lowry, PhD, Reasons, capacities and the motivational requirement


  • Elizabeth Schier, PhD, Emergence, colour and the knowledge argument: so what if Mary didn’t know, casual teaching, Macquarie/Charles Sturt
  • Andrew J Turner, PhD, The C+A theory of time: explaining the difference between the experience of time and the understanding of time
  • Nicole Vincent, PhD, Responsibility, Compensation and Accident Law Reform, Honorary Fellow, Philosophy, Macquarie University


  • Matthew Harvey, PhD, Indeterminacy and Personal Identity


  • Mark Simms, MPhil, Form and Content in Mental Representation, secondary school teaching
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