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Philosophy Prizes

Five prizes are awarded annually to acknowledge outstanding work by philosophy students.

The Charlie Martin Philosophy Prizes

Anne Martin has generously funded two prizes in memory of her father, Charlie Martin, a distinguished member of the Philosophy Department at the University of Adelaide between 1954 and 1966.

The first is $1000 awarded each year to the beginning student who achieves the highest average mark in their two best level one philosophy courses.

The second is $1000 awarded each year to the philosophy major who achieves the highest average mark in the philosophy courses they have completed.

The William Mitchell Philosophy Prizes

The sum of $20,000 having been given to the University by Mrs. J R Thomson to honour the memory of her father, the late Professor Sir William Mitchell, Hughes Professor of English Language and Literature, and of Mental and Moral Philosophy (1894-1916), Vice-Chancellor (1916-1942), and Chancellor of the University (1942-1948), two prizes are hereby made.

The Professor Sir William Mitchell Prize for Honours Philosophy is $1,800 awarded each year to the student in Honours Philosophy who obtains a first class Honours degree and is placed highest in order of merit.

The Professor Sir William Mitchell Essay Prize is $300 to be awarded each year to the student who submits the best essay in any Advanced Level Philosophy course during the year.

The Jefferis Memorial Medal

Whereas the sum of one hundred dollars has been paid to the University for the purpose of providing a medal in honour of the Rev. James Jefferis, LL.D., who was closely associated with the University from its foundation till his death in 1918; it is hereby provided that there shall be a medal to be awarded annually, "The Jefferis Memorial Medal", to be awarded each year to the student who submits the best essay in any Advanced Level Philosophy course during the year.

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