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Gavin David Young Lectures

The Gavin David Young Lectures in Philosophy began in 1956, when Gilbert Ryle gave the first of what has become a very prestigious series.

The series owes its existence to a bequest made by Jessie Frances Raven in memory of her father, the late Gavin David Young. Ms Raven's bequest is for "the promotion, advancement, teaching and diffusion of the study of philosophy".

  • GDY 2012: Philosophy for Representationalists

    Abstract: Perceptual experiences represent the way things are. For instance, visual perceptual experiences typically represent how things are in front of us, and tactual experiences represent how things are at a point of contact between our bodies and objects external to us. They are, in consequence, marvellous sources of information about how things are. We can pass this information on in many ways, but we humans most often pass it on using words and sentences.

    What do these commonplaces about experiences and language tell us about the contents of our experiences and the contents of our words and sentences? A lot – or so I will argue in these lectures.

    Venue: Napier 102 Lecture Theatre, University of Adelaide | Time: 6.30 - 8.00 pm during March 2012.

    Professor Frank Jackson

    Prof Frank Jackson

    Frank Jackson studied philosophy at Melbourne University. His PhD is from La Trobe University and his first appointment was at the University of Adelaide. He is currently a regular visiting professor at Princeton University and holds fractional research positions at The Australian National University and La Trobe University.

    Professor Jackson is a Corresponding Fellow of The British Academy. His publications include: Perception (Cambridge UP 1977), Conditionals (Blackwell 1987), The Philosophy of Mind and Cognition, co-authored with David Braddon-Mitchell (Blackwell, 1996), From Metaphysics to Ethics (Oxford UP 1998), Language, Names, and Information (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010).

    Professor Jackson has held a number of visiting positions, most recently as Leverhulme Visiting Professor at Cambridge University in 2011.
  • Past Lectures
    1956 Thinking Professor G. Ryle
    1959 Terms and Objects Professor W. V. Quine
    1963 The Pressuppositions of Immortality Professor A. G. N. Flew
    1965 Towards a Philosophy for Our Age of Science Professor Herbert Feigl
    1968 Agency and Causality Professor Donald Davidson
    1971 The Paradoxes of Time Travel Professor D. K. Lewis
    1979 Science and Rationality:
    Analytic vs. Pragmatic Perspectives
    Professor Carl G. Hempel
    1984 Conscious Experience and Intentionality Professor Daniel C. Dennett
    1987 Our Place in the Universe Professor J. J. C. Smart
    1998 Mind and Body Professor Hilary Putnam
    2007 Truth, Ethics, History & Philosophy in the University Professor Simon Blackburn
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