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Staff in the Department of Philosophy have a wide range of experience and research interests.

  • Academic
    Rachel Ankeny Professor
    HDR Supervision
    History and Philosophy of the Biological Sciences,
    Applied Ethics, Feminist Theory

    Han Baltussen

    Hughes Professor (Classics)
    HDR Supervision
    Early Greek Philosophy, Aristotle’s School, Ancient Exegesis and Hermeneutics, History of Emotion, Ancient Epistemology

    Garrett Cullity

    Hughes Professor  (Philosophy) Metaethics, Normative Ethical Theory, Applied Ethics
    Antony Eagle Senior Lecturer
    Head of Department
    Personal Webpage
    Metaphysics, Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Probability
    Jordi Fernandez Associate Professor 
    Personal Webpage
    Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Metaphysics
    Philip Gerrans Professor
    Personal Webpage
    2012-2015 Philip will be investigating the relationship between emotion and self-representation in psychiatric disorders.
    Jenny McMahon Professor
    Course Advisor
    Aesthetic judgment, Theories of Pleasure, Philosophy of Art, Kantian Aesthetics, Ancient Aesthetics, Imagination, Metaethics and Aesthetics, Value Theory
    Gerard O'Brien Professor Neurocomputational Models of Cognition & Consciousness, Mental Representation, Self, Naturalised Theories of Ethics
    Jon Opie Senior Lecturer
    Honours Coordinator
    Neural Network Models of Cognition, Consciousness, Mental Representation, Theories of Perception, Explanation, Emergence
    • Emeritus Staff, Research Fellows and Titleholders
      Denise Gamble Honorary Visiting Research Fellow Kant's Moral and Aesthetic Philosophy, Philosophy of
      Film , Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Criminal Law
      Chris Mortensen Emeritus Professor Paraconsistent Logic, Impossible Pictures, Philosophy of Physics, Space and Time, Quantum Theory
      Graham Nerlich Emeritus Professor Philosophy of Space and Time, Ethics
      Greg O'Hair Guest Lecturer Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Logic, Metaphysics 
      Paul Oppenheimer Visiting Lecturer Computational Philosophy, Logic, Metaphysics
    • Professional Staff

      Please email the School of Humanities or call +61 (0)8 8313 4249

    • Current Postgraduate Students
      Karen Bland PhD The Good, the Right and the Exigencies of Life
      Simon Eddy MPhil Simulation Space Iconicity in the Evolution of Language
      Brigitte Everett MPhil The Fleeing Present: Tim, Instants and Existence
      Robert Farquharson MPhil Connectionism and Basic Psychological Phenomena in Animals
      Sam Hutchinson MPhil Immanuel Kant’s Doctrine of Right and a Right to Immigration or Asylum
      Patrick Keeley PhD Schopenhauer’s Theory of Aesthetics
      Anastasiya Kravchuk MPhil Picture Perception for Vision Science
      Michael Lazarou MPhil An Object-Level Account of Metaphysical Indeterminacy
      José Lezama PhD Naturalizing Moral Education
      Timothy Nailer MPhil Praise, Blame and Holding Oneself Responsible
      Matthew Nestor PhD A Structuralist Account of Mental Representation
      Dominic Newnham MPhil The Relevance of Evolutionary Debunking Theories and Empirical Evidence in Normative Ethics
      Khristos Nizamis PhD Perception: Intentionality and Physicality
      Rebecca Randell MPhil Feminism as Opposition and the Implications for Philosophical Ethics
      Laura Ruggles PhD Cognitive Phytophilosophy : Curing Plant-Blindness in Cognitive Science and Beyond
      Dook Shepherd PhD Philosophical Theories of Mind, Cognition, and The Status of Representation: Veridicality and Combination in Biological Sciences
      Trevor Smith MPhil Mechanistic Explanation
      Adam Townsend MPhil Representation in Neural Networks
      Victoria Vázquez Troitiño PhD The Mind’s Representing Vehicles and Their Contents
    Department of Philosophy

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