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On Parfit
Garrett Cullity has been interviewed on The Philosopher's Zone. The topic was Derek Parfit, a philosopher who specialized in personal identity, rationality, and ethics. Parfit died recently at the age of 74. Listen to the interview.
ARC Future Fellowship
Assoc. Professor Jordi Fernandez has been awarded a prestigious ARC Future Fellowship. Jordi's project, The Ownership of Minds, will explore the awareness of conscious states as the subject's own. This is at the heart of a perennial debate about consciousness: whether we are aware of our conscious states as our own, or are merely aware of their occurrence. The project will develop a conceptual distinction between two components of consciousness, and provide an analysis of the nature of three mental disorders in which the two components seem to come apart.
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    Professor Chris Mortensen has been awarded a Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award. Chris's aim is to produce a conceptual history of the twentieth-century impossible pictures movement which developed around M.C.Escher, to classify kinds of impossible pictures, and to establish priorities over who discovered what.



    Professor Garrett Cullity has been awarded a Discovery Outstanding Researcher Award. Garrett's project, Reason and Value in Normative Ethics, will examine key questions about the foundations of ethical thought, and show how, by reconceiving those foundations, we can reconcile the insights from different traditions of ethical thinking and cast new light on ongoing issues of ethical controversy.

    Discovery Project

    Dr. Jordi Fernandez had been awarded an ARC Discovery Grant. His project, The Truth about False Memory, aims to determine whether reports of long-forgotten episodes of sexual abuse arising during psychotherapy should be regarded as memories or not. This issue hinges on a number of conceptual questions about memory. The project will illuminate the debate on recovered memories of sexual abuse by addressing those questions.

    JJC Smart Public Lecture

    Jack Smart (1920-2012) was Hughes Professor of Philosophy at the University of Adelaide from 1950 to 1972. He is one of Australia’s best known philosophers. Philosophers at Adelaide recently celebrated Jack’s life in a free public lecture explaining some of his work on scientific realism (Chris Mortensen), consciousness (Jon Opie), time (Graham Nerlich), and ethics (Garrett Cullity).

    Death of Jack Smart

    Jack Smart, former Professor of Philosophy at the University of Adelaide, has died at the age of 92. Read The Guardian Obituary.

    Climate Change and the Individual

    Garrett Cullity has been interviewed on Public Ethics Radio about the problem of individual responsibility for action on climate changeYou can download the transcript or listen using the embedded media player.

    New Books in Philosophy

    Jenny McMahon was recently interviewed on the Amercian podcast channel New Books in Philosophy.

    Rationally Speaking

    Gerard O'Brien recently appeared on the Rationally Speaking podcast to discuss the computational theory of mind. Listen to the podcast.


    Gavin David Young Lectures

    This year Professor Frank Jackson (Princeton/ANU) presented the Gavid David Young Lectures in Philosophy. Further details, including the full timetable of talks, are available here.

    President of the AAP

    Professor Garrett Cullity has been elected President of the Australasian Association of Philosophy for 2012/13.  This is an important and prestigious leadership role within Australasian philosophy.  That Garrett has been elected to the position is recognition of his high standing within the profession nationally and internationally.


    ARC Future Fellowship

    Assoc. Professor Philip Gerrans has been awarded a prestigious ARC Future Fellowship. Philip's project, The emotional construction of self representation, develops and defends the novel idea that self representation is an artefact of emotional processing. The account will involve case studies of psychiatric disorder characterised by developmental or acquired problems of self representation such as depersonalisation disorder and personality disorders.


    Art History & Philosophy

    Philosophy is hosting a symposium at the 2010 conference of the Art Association of Australia & New Zealand (December 1-4, Adelaide).  Our symposium, Art History & Philosophy, is on Friday December 3rd. We have been inspired by the round tables organised by James Elkins in Cork, Ireland and Chicago which aimed to create a dialogue between art historians and philosophers.Speakers include: John McDonald (Art Critic, Sydney Morning Herald), Craig Taylor (Flinders, Philosophy), Christopher Allen (Art Critic, The Australian), John Armstrong (Melbourne, Philosophy), Jolanta Nowak (Melbourne, Art History) and Jenny McMahon (Adelaide, Philosophy).For conference details see


    News Roundup

    Garrett Cullity has been appointed to the Australian Academy of the Humanities.

    Jennie Louise has been awarded a University of Adelaide Excellence in Education Award. Jennie is being recognized for her work in developing and teaching in the discipline's logic program.

    Jenny McMahon’s book, Aesthetics and Material Beauty, has been released in paperback by Routledge. “The Philosopher’s Zone” on ABC Radio National has an online interview with Jenny.


    The Secret Life of Bacteria

    ARC Postdoctoral Fellow Pamela Lyon raised eyebrows when she started researching bacterial behaviour for clues to understanding cognition. That work is featured in a segment of "All in the Mind" (ABC/Radio National), in which Pamela is interviewed together with microbiologists from the University of Chicago and Princeton.The podcast and transcript of that program are available at the "All in the Mind" website.

    Eureka Prize in Ethics

    Professor Garrett Cullity is this year's winner of the Eureka Prize for Ethics, announced last night by the Australian Museum. Professor Cullity won the prize for his book The Moral Demands of Affluence, in which he argues that a life well-lived should be the goal of every human, rich or poor. Professor Cullity says that it is not morally wrong to live a life of rich personal fulfilment. He is donating his $10,000 Eureka Prize to aid agencies."Life Matters" on ABC Radio National  has an online interview with Professor Cullity.


    Rhodes Scholar
    Nicole Krzys, who recently completed an Honours Degree with the Discipline of Philosophy, is the University of Adelaide's 100th Rhodes Scholar. Nicole did her Honours, specialising in cognitive science, while also studying for a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery at the University. Congratulations to Nicole on this wonderful achievement!

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