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Sylvan's Box: Other Sightings

These are images of other box-like paradoxical objects, that is, possible sightings of Sylvan's box. Some are from the deep past, others more recent. All project some aspect of Sylvan's box, yet none are the same. Caution is advised for the consistent-minded, whom, we hope, may find some of the following images confronting. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the image. Click on the enlarged image to return here

Further encounters with Syvan's box and the Buddha

Images:In the top group, the first two images represent the original development of the idea for a Sylvan's box as a bunch of Schuster forks sitting on their ends. It was jointly created by Steve Leishman , John Mercier and Peter Quigley. The top row, third image from left, was invented by John Mercier and redrawn by Leishman. All the remaining images were drawn by Leishman.

In the second group of coloured images, the top left and the second from left were by Leishman, bottom right by Quigley, remainder by Mortensen.

November 2007

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