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Impossible World

A Visual Essay

The world is full of marvelous things to see. But we often miss the stranger sights, due to our expectations of more familiar appearances. So we must pay particular attention, and let nothing slip by, in case something truly impossible flashes past unnoticed!

1. Australia's Parliament House in Canberra has a flagpole it would be impossible to climb!


2. Sydney Opera House by the harbour.


3. Newman College, Melbourne. Its designer, Burley Griffin, provides a challenging art deco interior.


4. Mt.Fuji in the air invites an impossible comment.


5. The Great Wall of China, multiply reflected.


6. The Potala Palace, Lhasa. Large and small, near and far.


7. Pyramid. No impossible collection is complete without one!


8. Knotted Congo with impossible occlusions.


9. Victoria Falls upward.


10. No way out.


11. Table Mountain


12. Sun Pyramid. What geometers they were, what artists!


13. Teotihuacan. Pyramid of the Sun. Note the ramps and stairs.


14. Chrsit the Redeemer.



15. Totem Pole with receding column.

16. Cincinnati Bridge with woven arches.


17. Empire State Building with Schuster superstructure.


18. Guggenheim New York with decorations


19. White House captures helicoper.


20. Impossible Pentagon.



21, Tower Bridge with unusual stabilizers.


22. Bodleian Library


23. British Museum with footprints.


24. Big Ben, multiply connected.


25. Big Ben, stripped bare by the bachelors even.


26. Buckingham palace, bent.


27. Houses of Parliament on sound contradictory foundations.


28. Aqueduct


29. Roman Fora for solving impossible problems.


30. St Peters interior with occlusions


31. Trajan's column in front behind.


32. Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele Milan, with open mouth.


33. Arc de Tuileries, forward and behind.


34. Metal sky with empty Tower.


35. Notre Dame


36. Tuileries in free flight.


37. Guggenheim Bilbao connects with the water.


38. Sagrada Familia. Gaudi was always inventive


39. Parthenon. Our ancient forebears were remarkably insightful.


40. Neuschwanstein, the castle in the air.


41. Lund University. Homage to Oscar Reutersvaard, who was a professor there.


42. Uluru dreaming impossibly.


Text: Chris Mortensen

Special Effects Artwork and Cameras: Peter Quigley and Steve Leishman

Creative Input: all of the above:

November 2009.

This project is conducted in the Department of Philosophy, University of Adelaide, and funded by The Australian Research Council.

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