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Impossible Adelaide

A Visual Essay

The Impossible University is found in the city of Adelaide. The city itself is impossible in many ways, not always noticed. Join us as we tour around Adelaide. Some of its sights are almost too impossible to be believed. Almost.

Sky Clouds Cubes Triangles


Internode with Reflected UFOs


DSS Building


Big Lights, Little Crane


Port Adelaide


Railway Station




Popeye Reflected


Reflected Bird


Rotunda (Homage to Escher)


Adelaide Oval


Mormon Temple


Old and New, Big and Small




Austral Stores


Christmas Balls


East End


Limousine as Fixture


Masonic Magic


Many Windows


David Jones


Valamanesh Fountains


Bike Rack with Shadows




Bridge with Reflection


Samstag Gallery




University of South Australia East


Westpac with Necker Cubes


University Buildings


University of South Australia West



Art Gallery with Big Footprint



Advice to Parliament (Homage to Magritte II)


Direction: Chris Mortensen

Special Effects Artwork and Cameras: Peter Quigley and Steve Leishman

Creative Input: all of the above: comments to:

January 2009.

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This project is conducted within the Department of Philosophy, University of Adelaide,

and funded by The Australian Research Council.