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The galleries that appear below bring together for exhibition the impossible images and animations used on this site together with additional material.


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Steve Leishman has produced sketches of impossible pictures inspired by Reutersvärd, Penrose, Schuster and Escher.

The sketchbook images shown here, are in their original freehand pencil form, roughly clustered around the key investigative concepts.

In addition to his own works, Peter Quigley has created coloured variations of these drawings as indicated in the table

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Peter Quigley has produced a series of animations of impossible figures, providing further discussion and examples.

A gallery of his animations is also available online.

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John Mercier has created images inspired by Reutersvärd presented in another gallery of impossible pictures with colour variations by Peter Quigley.

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Chris Mortensen has been heavily involved in researching impossible images and the results of some of his research can be seen in the visual essay The Impossible University and also in Sylvan's Box Gefunden!

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