Philosophy Department Postgraduate Students

Atheer Al-Khalfa, MPhil Donnellan Referential / Attributive Distinction
Brigitte Everett MPhil The Fleeing Present: Tim, Instants and Existence
Riley Harris MPhil Moral Uncertainty: Knowledge, Decision and Deliberation
Sam Hutchinson MPhil Immanuel Kant’s Doctrine of Right and a Right to Immigration or Asylum
Patrick Keeley PhD Schopenhauer’s Theory of Aesthetics
Michael Lazarou MPhil An Object-Level Account of Metaphysical Indeterminacy
Timothy Nailer MPhil Praise, Blame and Holding Oneself Responsible
Matthew Nestor PhD A Structuralist Account of Mental Representation
Rebecca Randell MPhil Feminism as Opposition and the Implications for Philosophical Ethics
Laura Ruggles PhD Cognitive Phytophilosophy : Curing Plant-Blindness in Cognitive Science and Beyond
Dook Shepherd PhD Philosophical Theories of Mind, Cognition, and The Status of Representation: Veridicality and Combination in Biological Sciences
Adam Townsend MPhil Representation in Neural Networks
Victoria Vázquez Troitiño PhD The Mind’s Representing Vehicles and Their Contents
James Vlachoulis MPhil A Defence of the B-Theory of Time with Respect to Temporal Passage and Our Experience of Temporal Passage
Danny Wardle MPhil Opening a Can of Spacetime Worms: the Metaphysics of Persistence