Model Organisms

model organisms

On 24 November 2020, Organisms and Us hosted a virtual book launch for Prof Rachel A. Ankeny (The University of Adelaide) and Prof Sabina Leonelli's (University of Exeter) new book Model Organisms.

As a new addition to the Elements in the Philosophy of Biology series by Cambridge University Press, Model Organisms presents a philosophical exploration of the concept of the 'model organism' in contemporary biology. The book launch was facilitated by Prof Michael Dietrich (University of Pittsburgh) and featured commentary from the authors. We also heard from a number of experts in the fields of philosophy and biology including: Dr Nina Atanasova (The University of Toledo), Prof Hopi Hoekstra (Harvard University), Prof Marcel Weber (University of Geneva) and Prof Kristofer Helgen (Australian Museum Research Institute).

The book is now available fully open access, with thanks to the Australian Research Council for funding support under DP160102989: "Organisms and Us: How Living Things Help Us to Understand Our World," 2016-20. See here for a copy of the book.

A recording of the book launch is also available here.

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