Model Organisms book launch


Join us to launch the new addition to the Elements in the Philosophy of Biology series by Cambridge University Press.

Written by Prof Rachel A. Ankeny and Prof Sabina Leonelli, Model Organisms presents a philosophical exploration of the concept of the 'model organism' in contemporary biology. Thinking about model organisms enables us to examine how living organisms have been brought into the laboratory and used to gain a better understanding of biology, and to explore the research practices, commitments, and norms underlying this understanding. We contend that model organisms are key components of a distinctive way of doing research. We focus on what makes model organisms an important type of model, and how the use of these models has shaped biological knowledge, including how model organisms represent, how they are used as tools for intervention, and how the representational commitments linked to their use as models affect the research practices associated with them.


  • Prof Michael Dietrich (Facilitator), Chair of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh
  • Prof Rachel Ankeny, School of Humanities, Deputy Dean (Research), Faculty of Arts, The University of Adelaide
  • Prof Sabina Leonelli, Philosophy and History of Science, University of Exeter
  • Dr Nina Atanasova, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, The University of Toledo
  • Prof Kristofer Helgen, Chief Scientist and Director, Australian Museum Research Institute
  • Prof Hopi Hoekstra, Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology, Departments of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology and Molecular & Cellular Biology, Harvard University
  • Prof Andrew Millar, Chair of Systems Biology, The University of Edinburgh
  • Prof Marcel Weber, Department of Philosophy, University of Geneva

When: Tuesday 24th November, 7:30-9:00 AM (ACDT)

Where: Online. Please RSVP here.

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