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NCALMS is a key centre of the Faculty of Arts that draws together the complementary experience and expertise in Australian Indigenous music and languages of CASM, KWP, and MLT.​

Located on Level 6, Schulz Building, North Terrace campus, Adelaide.

National Centre for Aboriginal Music and Language Studies (NCALMS)
Professor Aaron Corn Director Schulz 605
Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (CASM)
Professor Aaron Corn Director Schulz 605
Mr Grayson Rotumah Lecturer Schulz 604
Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi (KWP)
Associate Professor Robert Amery Manager Napier 910
Ms Taylor Tipu Power-Smith Kaurna Media Production Officer Schulz 606
Ms Bianca Sampson-Campbell Kaurna Media Production Officer Schulz 606
Ms Katrina Karlapina Power Kaurna Media Production Officer Schulz 606
Mr Paul Finlay Kaurna Media Mentor Schulz 606
Mr Chester Schultz Kaurna Place Names Researcher Schulz 606
Mobile Language Team (MLT)
Dr Paul Monaghan Co-Manager & Senior Linguist Schulz 607
Ms Karina Lester Co-Manager & Senior Aboriginal Language Worker Schulz 606
Mr Clayton Cruse Aboriginal Language Worker Schulz 606
Ms Eleanor McCall Project Linguist Schulz 606
Ms Beatrice Fagan Project Linguist Schulz 606
Mr Will Fisher Media Officer Schulz 606
Ms Henrietta Byrne Language & Health Project Officer Schulz 606
Professor Peter Mühlhäusler Consultant Schulz 606
Ms Celeste Humphris Consultant Schulz 606
Ms Ashleigh Ward Aboriginal Trainee Schulz 606
Mr Anil Samy Aboriginal Trainee Schulz 606
National Centre for Aboriginal
Language and Music Studies

Level 6, Schulz Building


T: +61 8 8313 3652