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NCALMS fosters leadership and excellence in Australian Indigenous language and music studies.

The primary goals of NCALMS are to:

  • foster Indigenous excellence through scholarly achievement and student career readiness,
  • contribute to the University's course offerings in Aboriginal linguistics and music,
  • develop and implement strategies for pursuing collaborative and interdisciplinary research opportunities,
  • engage and collaborate in outreach activities with Indigenous communities and other stakeholders, and
  • support delivery of the CASM Foundation Year, which provides an exciting pathway for Indigenous Australians into university.

CASM entry auditions are now open!

NCALMS co-locates the long experince and expertise of three scholarly units:

Working together within NCALMS, these three nodes strive to strengthen Australian Indigenous communities, cultures, education, careers and wellbeing through student learning, scholarly excellence and community outreach in language and music studies.

  • KWP has worked for more than 25 years on community-led projects and media production work to revitalise Kaurna, the Aboriginal language of Adelaide.
  • MLT is a community-led research and advocacy leader that, since 2009, has addressed the needs of Aboriginal communities across the state of South Australia to maintain and strengthen their 45 languages.
  • CASM was founded in 1974 by ethnomusicologist Catherine Ellis, and numerous Aboriginal leaders including the renowned Ngarrindjeri poet, Leila Rankine, and is the only dedicated centre for studies in Australian Indigenous music.
National Centre for Aboriginal
Language and Music Studies

Level 6, Schulz Building


T: +61 8 8313 3652