Past events

  • Laurie Anderson

    On 'All the Things I Lost in the Flood'

    15th June, 2018 at Elder Hall

    “The world is made of stories and as stories escalate and get shorter and shorter until they’re ten word tweets and as our sense of reality continues to shred, we see that this is not a political situation, it’s an existential one-” writes Anderson, “And we suddenly see: we’re drowning in our own stories.”

    Laurie Anderson’s new book All the Things I Lost in the Flood is a series of essays about stories and language. In celebration of the publication of the book (released by Rizzoli in February ‘18) the artist will present a limited number of performances. The performance All the Things I Lost in the Flood is a reading and performance of the texts as well as visual images. It includes a discussion of her iconic work with voice, electronics, codes, narrative styles and digital language. The evening also includes accounts of many of the artist’s projects, operas, installations and inventions as well as an inside look at the artist’s methods, strategies, failures and Plan B’s. A book about performance comes to life again as a performance.

    Laurie Anderson
  • Dr. Ilse Treurnicht and Dr. Fiona Kerr

    The Neuroscience of Collaborative Creativity

    23rd April, 2018 at Hub Central

    What is happening when we are in the creative zone? And how does interaction with others play a key role in ideation? When we get together and get excited by coming up with something new, amazing things happen - our brains and bodies activate and synchronise, releasing chemicals that make our thought processes faster and more nimble, increase how quickly we absorb information, and allow us to combine concepts differently and create brand new ones. We turn on multiple parts of our brains, and even build brand new brain if we are really connected and engaged. So how and why does all this happen? And how can we foster it?

    On April 23, Dr. Ilse Treurnicht (Former CEO, MaRS Discovery District in Ontario, Canada) and Dr. Fiona Kerr (Neural and Systems Complexity Specialist) discussed the neuroscience of collaborative creativity.

  • Tom Hajdu

    Music Industry 4.0

    2nd February, 2018 at St. Paul's Creative Centre

    Adelaide has the likes of Elon Musk’s attention because it is transforming to meet the needs of the future by focusing on its knowledge base and investing in digital infrastructure. With Adelaide as its nexus, South Australia too can become a gateway to innovation.

    Tom Hajdu, Director of the Sia Furler Institute, Professor and Chair of Creative Technologies, University of Adelaide and the Chief Innovator for South Australia, will presents an overview of how this technological revolution impacts music and media and creative industries, and what the opportunities and threats are.