We find ourselves at a special moment in time – several trends are converging in Adelaide and at the University of Adelaide. 

Adelaide’s recognition as a UNESCO City of Music comes at a time that the city itself is declaring a commitment to growing local culture. Combining the rare teaching talent of South Australia’s only music conservatory, with interest in the community and the student body in music for media production. This means we can foster a rich and diverse community of learners and practitioners. Giving students of all ages an opportunity to learn about real world, vocational applications of their musical passion.

Moreover, Adelaide’s development of high-speed internet means this community can connect to the global world of ideas. Music, perhaps more than any other discipline, can afford avenues for collaboration and learning between town and gown – connecting the University directly to beating heart of the city of Adelaide. 

Adelaide City

The Sia Furler Institute’s mission is to take advantage of this unique moment in time by leveraging teaching, research and engagement. Through teaching, the Institute provides students with valuable vocational skills in music and media as well as creative skills that cut across all areas of work in the 21st Century. 

Combining the application of newly-recognised skills such as resilience and adaptability with the traditional STEM disciplines affords fresh opportunity for academic research, with real world impact that can help shape the future.

By engaging with the media professionals and musicians as well as thought leaders and executives with creative backgrounds, the Institute builds relationships locally, nationally and globally. Further raising the University’s profile around the world.