Creativity Drives Innovation. Innovation Drives the New Economy.

The goal of the Institute is to nurture and develop the next generation of business savvy creative artists, creative entrepreneurs and leaders of the future.

The Sia Furler Institute provides 3 areas of focus:

  • creativity,
  • innovation, and
  • entrepreneurship.

According to the World Economic Forum in 2020, creativity and other soft skills which are central to the creative arts are rapidly rising to the top of the list of attributes sought by business and industry during this new and disruptive Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In Australia, we find ourselves at a special moment in time. In addition to the longest period of uninterrupted economic growth in world history, we are at the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where innovation and adoption of new technologies have accelerated at a faster pace than ever before.

Adelaide’s recognition as a UNESCO City of Music comes at a time that the city itself is declaring a commitment to fostering local culture. The SFI combines the rare teaching talent of South Australia’s only music conservatory with people in the university and local community who are interested in the growing fields of music for media production. This means we can cultivate a rich and diverse community of learners and practitioners giving students of all ages an opportunity to learn about real world, vocational applications of their musical passion.

Moreover, Adelaide’s development of high-speed internet means this community can connect to the global world of ideas. Music, perhaps more than any other discipline, can afford avenues for collaboration and learning between town and gown – connecting the University directly to beating heart of the city of Adelaide. 

Education in the arts has become more valuable as demand for divergent thinkers exceeds supply.

This unique combination of 3 concentrations via 3 modes creates a series of opportunities within music and the arts faculty as well as across other faculty (such as bridging the gap between arts and engineering through creativity and creative technologies) and between the university and outside organisations such as other universities and creative industries locally, nationally and internationally.

The convergence of disciplines creates unique opportunities for collaboration across the university and facilitated by the Institute.

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