Work Integrated Learning

Through internships and work-integrated learning, the Sia Furler Institute for Contemporary Music and Media seeks to provide students with valuable real-world experience.

Moreover, by integrating the work into the academic process, we are able to help students analyse their own strengths and weaknesses, and set goals for their own development to make them well prepared for entry into the workforce. This preparation extends to assistance in placing students in internships or work opportunities outside the university. 

The University’s goal is to provide a 21st Century education for a growing community of learners — an education that readies them for the application of their particular field of study, to opportunities in the outside world. Some broad attributes which are fostered through the internship experience include adaptability, resilience, problem solving and team work. These become behaviours which prepare students to become participants of the 21st Century workforce. In short: if you can google it, we don’t teach it.

Internships with Creative Revolutionaries provide real-world experience connecting students with local and international leaders in creativity. Students are able to apply their skills in a vocational context, leveraging social media, marketing, public relations, live event production and audio/visual production.

The Fringe Internships will allow students to work in teams guided by the Sia Furler Centre, which will help develop their employability skills. They will improve capabilities in leadership and teamwork, creativity, adaptability and resilience. Projects will be run on co-design principles to encourage collaboration and accountability for task completion.

Ongoing projects include:

  1. creating an Open Source Interactive map of Adelaide describing venues including accessibility, hours of operation etc.
  2. Art and Well-being for audience, participants including social and economic impact
  3. interactive historical digital archive of the Fringe Festival