Students develop problem-solving, collaboration, vocational and leadership skills through the Sia Furler Institute. 


RCC Fringe Masterclass

The Sia Furler Institute and RCC present the RCC Fringe Masterclass, a unique opportunity for students from all faculties and programs to be inspired by one of the world's leading creative talents.

Students will interact with Multimedia Laurie Anderson visiting Adelaide for festival season. Laurie Anderson is one of the worlds most renowned and daring creative pioneers. Her work ranges from composer, poet, photographer, VR film-maker, feature film maker and instrumentalist. Her diversity and adaptability makes Laurie emblematic of the future of creativity.

Participants will then reflect on that experience in the context of their own career pathways and skills sets considering the artistic, business, leadership and other skills required for international success.


Enquiring Mind

The Enquiring Mind, taught through the Faculty of Arts, introduces students to skills crucial to success at university, such as critical thinking and digital literacy, as well as creativity and innovation.

The course builds important academic literacies directly into the curriculum through Small Group Discovery Experiences, where students explore historical and contemporary social change guided by academic staff.

Students develop their skills and confidence to undertake research and communication in their chosen disciplines, and have a common foundation in teamwork, critical thinking and creativity for future interdisciplinary courses.


Australian eChallenge

In their final year in the program, students are encouraged to enter the Australian eChallenge, run by ECIC.

The eChallenge is an entrepreneurship program where students create, develop, assess and action their ideas. The program provides a proven teaching and learning environment that exposes participants to commercialisation, entrepreneurship, and business strategy.

The Institute also teaches creativity and entrepreneurship to students in the Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences. 

Music for Media

In addition to critiquing music students’ work in music and film through the Elder Conservatorium, the Institute teaches a course called Music for Media.

Music for Media, including music for film, television and video games, is the fastest-growing music market in the world. It’s also one of the most creatively innovative fields, taking stylistic cues from every music genre and forging new ones to enhance the dynamic, shifting landscape of screen-based narrative media.

This course will begin with a survey of the creative and theoretical state of music composition in modern film and television, with emphasis on the disruptive influences taken from underground music making, specifically dance and electronic music.

Designed for would-be professional composers, the core of the course will be a series of hand-on workshops, giving students assignments in simulation of work they might be given on commercial projects, and emulating the iterative criticism and feedback they are likely to receive, with the goal of preparing them for the rigors of professional music production.

The course will conclude with a discussion of best business practices and self-promotion strategies, giving students guidance toward their first steps on a journey into a career in music for media.