Students develop problem-solving and design thinking, through the Enquiring Mind course, run by in the Faculty of Arts. And, the Institute engages with the Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre (ECIC) to further expand these offerings. 

In their final year in the program, students are encouraged to enter the Australian eChallenge, run by ECIC. The eChallenge is an entrepreneurship program where students create, develop, assess and action their ideas. The program provides a proven teaching and learning environment that exposes participants to commercialisation, entrepreneurship, and business strategy.

The Institute also teaches creativity and entrepreneurship to students in the Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences. 

In addition to critiquing music students’ work in music and film, the Institute teaches a course called Music for Narrative Media. This course is about the making of music for film, television and online—the world’s fastest-growing music market. Students undertaking this course learn about the integration between the creative process and the commercial demands of revisions, and collaboration required to produce the best result.

The composition and production of instrumental music for use as underscore in narrative media is a thriving and dynamic field. In the early days of filmmaking, it was easy to trace the lineage of film music to its roots in the western classical tradition, but now as genres and style of narrative media proliferate across film, television and the internet. The sources of musical inspiration have exploded to include popular forms, world music, and even noise.

Designed for would-be professional composers, the core of the course will be a series of hands-on workshops, giving students assignments in simulation of work they might be given on commercial projects, and emulating the iterative criticism and feedback they are likely to receive, with the goal of preparing them for the rigors of professional music production. The course concludes with a discussion of best business practices and self-promotion strategies gleaned from working professionals.