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The Department of Linguistics offers both Masters and PhD research degrees.

Postgraduate research students have an opportunity to study alongside leading scholars with extensive professional experience. Students complete an induction program designed to assist in the development of research skills and in refining their research topic. Throughout the duration of their candidature, students will be invited to contribute to a number of seminar series and the occasional postgraduate conference.

  • Information for Prospective Students

    Prospective postgraduate students are expected to have obtained a recognised competency in either Anthropology or Development Studies such as an Honours degree or relevant Master degree prior to undertaking a higher research degree.

    Note: to be competetive for an international PhD scholarship you require a high grade, first class honours degree or an equivelent Masters coursework degree with a substantial theses component.

  • Our Current Postgraduate Student Theses
    Afifa Eve Ferro Arabic-Israeli Code Switching-Linking Conversational Code Switching to Questions of Identity
    Alamiri Zaid Textual Metafunction in some Quranic narratives : Applying SFL to the Quran
    Febrianti Yusnita A Linguistic approach to multimodality and its importance in pedagogy
    Hordacre-Kobayashi Lyndal Definitions and Perceptions of the Term 'Mother Tongue' in Australia. Who Chooses?
    Katzman Kateryna Academic Literacies/Language Acquisition
    Kroon Yosep A Grammar of West Solor Dialect of Lamaholot, Eastern Indonesia Language
    Morley Jasmin Revived Languages and their Antecedants
    Rogers Caryn Rhetorical Structure and Persuasion in Classical Hebrew
    Scott Jessica Language in Education
    Stockigt Clara Early records of Pama-Nyungan morpho-syntax: ‘The peculiar nature of the language spoken'
    Yang Jie Minority and Indigenous Language Policy and Planning on Tertiary Education in Metropolises of P.R.C. and Australia

For all enquiries please contact the Postgraduate Coordinator.

Department of Linguistics

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