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Mobile Language Team

The Mobile Language Team (MLT) was established in 2009 to support work in Aboriginal languages throughout South Australia.

Working with other Universities, Department of Education and Child Development and interested parties, the University of Adelaide leads this pilot program. Funded by the Commonwealth Government through the Department of Communications and the Arts.

  • What does the MLT do?

    The Mobile Language Team will:

    • Offer technical assistance and advice in writing and producing locally-based Aboriginal language resources
    • Train and mentor Aboriginal language workers in specific areas of language work as needed and work towards establishing career pathways for language workers
    • Run workshops on how to develop a good writing system, dictionary making, setting up a database, songwriting, language games, grammar of the language
    • Work closely with TAFE in delivering a new Certificate 4 course for community language workers (in learning and teaching one's language in a revival / revitalisation situation)
    • Assist language revival and maintenance within families and communities
    • Establish a network amongst those working with and on Aboriginal languages in SA. This includes individual speakers of Aboriginal languages, interpreters, language workers, Aboriginal communities, linguists, teachers, the SA Department of Education and Child Development, the three SA Universities, AIATSIS, TAFE SA, Umeewarra Radio and others.
    • Increase the visibility of Aboriginal languages in the media, at community events and in the public sphere
    • Establish a collection of materials produced in and on South Australian Aboriginal languages
    • Contribute to a website providing a central compilation of materials relating to SA Aboriginal languages and a guide to useful resources
    • Support networking and mutual learning among community based language projects
    • Promote world's best practice in language work in SA
    • Lobby for interpreting and translation services to address the needs of service providers and communities
    • Lobby for language and culture programs for incarcerated Aboriginal people
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  • Listen

    Nganampa Wangka - the Mobile Language Teams' radio and online program, heard on community and Indigenous radio

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