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Our students graduate with the knowledge and experience to analyse historically, philosophically and politically about the world, societies and cultures. 

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Our research has a world-class concentration of expertise and offers high quality research training at Honours, Masters and Doctorate levels.

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The School of Humanities is one of four schools in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Adelaide. The School is made up of ten Departments.

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VR students continue to impress

Students with a passion for future technologies – especially those who want to develop and create them – can now combine their artistic and technical skills in a cutting edge Virtual Reality Design and Development course offered by the University of Adelaide.



John West-Sooby: National University French Teacher of the Year 2020

John West-Sooby has been awarded the prestigious "professeur de l'année" for the tertiary sector by the Federation of Associations of Teachers of French in Australia (FATFA).



Linguistics in tandem with another subject at the University of Adelaide

Linguistics can complement, or can be complemented by, studies in a wide range of Arts, Sciences and Professions at the University of Adelaide.





Adnyamathanha language and culture guide book launch

The Mobile Language Team have been proudly working with Uncle Terrance Coulthard on his Adnyamathanha dictionary. 



Austronesians in Northern Australia: Re-assessing the Linguistic Impact of 'Macassans'

Dr Michael Walsh (AIATSIS/ANU/The University of Sydney) will discuss how it is therefore timely to consider many northern coastal languages yet to be explored for Macassan influence. The impact of Macassans in northern Australia was more extensive than we think. This special lecture is hosted by the Chair of Linguistics and Endangered Languages.



Department of History Seminar - Dr Roger Knight

Dr Roger Knight (Visiting Research Fellow) will present ‘Refracted Through the Lens of the Indies: The Scots Diaspora, Family Networks and Mercantile Business in Colonial Indonesia c.1820-1960’