Assisting Older People at Risk of Homelessness

Homeless shelter

In late December 2015, Housing for the Aged Action Group (HAAG), in partnership with CHURP, was successful in our funding submission to The Wicking Trust to run an Australia-wide project called The Older Persons Homelessness Prevention Project.

The project aims to build on the work HAAG has done in Victoria to improve housing conditions, provide information on housing options and established the Home at Last - Housing Information and Support Service. No other states in Australia have an organisation like HAAG, or comprehensive services to address the housing problems that older people are facing. This project will work to raise awareness of the housing problems facing older people right across the country and encourage the development of older persons’ housing lobby groups, support services and better housing options in every state in Australia. The Wicking Trust is providing $1.2 million to HAAG and CHURP over 5 years to help achieve these ambitious aims.

CHURP, mainly through the involvement of Dr Debbie Faulkner, will be responsible for conducting research to build the evidence and information needed to convince governments to take action, to monitor outcomes for older people over the course of the project; and to support HAAG in establishing a nationwide service.

The reason that the Wicking Trust decided to support the project is that it fits very well with one of the Trust’s priorities for its 2015 grant round – assisting people to stay at home longer; including innovative models for supporting housing stability for older Australians at risk of homelessness.

HAAG and CHURP wish to express our sincere thanks to the Wicking Trust for their generous funding of this project. We aim to ensure that their support will make a significant difference to the lives of thousands of vulnerable older people in Australia.

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