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Postgraduate Degrees by Research

The Department of History has a long and distinguished record of postgraduate education. It offers Masters and PhD research degrees in History, with candidates normally being expected to have qualified in the discipline.

Research students in the Department have an opportunity to work with leading scholars in their fields and have access to high quality research facilities including the largest library in South Australia. The Department offers all postgraduate research students an induction program that assists in developing research skills and in refining their research topic.

Research students are invited to contribute to staff / postgraduate seminar series and to occasional postgraduate conferences.

The Department offers both a PhD and a Masters degree by research. In the case of a PhD this would involve a thesis of around 80,000 words, in the case of the Masters degree, a thesis of around 40,000 words.

  • Information for Prospective Students

    Detailed information regarding postgraduate degrees by research, including eligibility requirements, is available from the Adelaide Graduate Centre website see e.g. the research student handbook.

    For information on scholarships, visit the Scholarships website.

    Applications for major round scholarships for research degrees are normally due around the end of October for Australian or New Zealand citizens or permanent residents, with a (smaller) minor round due the end of May but please check.

    There are currently four rounds of international scholarship applications.

    Note that international scholarships are particularly competitive and relatively few are awarded. To even be in the running for a PhD scholarship, you would normally require a high grade, first class honours degree or an equivalent Masters coursework degree with a substantial thesis research component (e.g. a minimum of 15,000 words). However, a Masters degree by Research (i.e. thesis only) and/or publications in scholarly journals would also be an advantage.

    A note on the personal qualities required to complete a higher degree by research

    Before applying for postgraduate study by research you need to think very seriously about whether you have both the right intellectual and personal qualities to succeed.

    You need to have a genuine love of, and enthusiasm for, learning that will sustain you over one long-term project of at least 2 years (Masters) or 3 years (PhD). You need to be an original, creative and innovative thinker with the analytical ability to identify the key information in a large mass of material. You need to be able to take advice and constructive criticism from your thesis supervisor while also being an independent thinker.

    You need to be hardworking, self-motivated and highly self-disciplined at both research and writing. You need to be able to plan your work step by step to meet a long-term goal. You need to have a track record of producing high quality work in a set time period (while not being an unrealistic or procrastinating perfectionist). In other words, you must be very good at setting and meeting deadlines. You need to be able to manage stress, or even anxiety at times, while continuing to produce and submit written work.

    In short, writing a thesis is really hard work but it is also an immensely exciting and satisfying achievement. If you have the above qualities and qualifications, we'd be delighted to hear from you (see contact details above).

    For all enquiries, please email

    Or contact the History Postgraduate Coordinator Dr Kathryn Bowd

  • Listing of Postgraduate Students
    Name Topic
    Daniel Ashdown
    Napier 521 - 8313 5183
    Virginia Baker
    Off campus
    "Science at the interface: Community engagement and the promise of transdisciplinarity in exploring challenges and new practices for sustainable management"
    Judy Bailey
    Napier 328 - 8313 4464
     "Lay Religious Life in Late Medieval Shropshire, c.1400-c.1540"

    Kelly Birch

    "Slavery & Louisiana’s Prisons"

    Ralph Body
    Napier 321 - 8313 5972
    "Hans Heysen's Artistic and Institutional Networks, with Particular Attention to his Correspondence"
    Maggie Boult
    Emily Buddle
    Napier 416 - 8313 5796
    "Consumer perceptions of sheep and beef cattle welfare in Australia"
    Karina Burns
    Alex Burchmore
    "Translating the Past: Transmission of Chinese Iconographies in Historic Export Ware and contemporary Porcelain-Based Art"
    Tania Cammarano
     "The History of Italian Food in Australia"

    Jenni Caruso
    Napier 712 - 8313 8344

    "Anthropology, Assimilation and Aborigines"
    Justin David Chadwick
    John Michael Davey
    Napier 318 - 8313 5156
    "Businessmen in the British Parliament, 1832 to 1886: A Study of Aspiration and Achievement"
    Nerina Dunt
    Napier 519 - 8313 6435
    "From Shadows to Spotlight:  The Autonomous Genre of Urban Indigenous Art"
    Jonathan Endersby
    Napier 321 - 8313 5972
    "British Expeditionary Force's Movements and Actions During the Battle and their Withdrawal to Dunkirk"
    Rong Fan
    Napier 519 - 8313 6435

    "Cultural Heritage Conservation at the Buddhist Sites of the Guge Kingdom at Zhada, Tibetan Autonomous Region, China"

    Sarah Gibson-Walker
    Napier 325 - 8313 4530
    Ashleigh Gilbertson
    "Australians and the Battle of Passchendaele"
    Carol Gilchrist
    Napier 416 - 8313 5796
    "Australian Artists in Paris and Europe: Gestural Abstraction and the Postwar Aesthetic 1947-1963"

    Elsa Grabowska-Baldino 

    "The Italian Consort Bona Sforza D'Aragona and her Cultural Contribution to the Polish Renaissance Court"
    Matthew Gray
    Napier 328 - 8313 4464
    "Hannah Hewling: The Evolution of the Particular Baptist Woman"
    Jennifer Haag
    Napier 328 - 8313 4464
    "Catholics, Saints, Heretics and Whores: An Examination of Attitudes Towards Interdenominational Marriage in Post-Reformation England (1559-1689)"
    Linda Haines
    Napier 926 - 8313 3735
    "The Bounty of The Suburbs- Backyard Food Production and Use in Adelaide, Post World War Two to the Present"
    Rachel Harris
    "In a State of War: Women's Experiences of the South Australian Home Front, 1939-1945"
    Lisa Hunt
    Napier 926 - 8313 3735
    "'Blackboxing' Australian Science? Understanding Popular Perceptions of Science in Australia, 1939- 1963"
    Jessica Jocher
    Napier 520 - 8313 6439
     "The Polish Catholic Church Under Martial Law, 1981-1983"
    Tony King
    Napier 416 - 8313 5796
    " Australian Black and White Art - The Work of the Graphic Artists of Smnith's Weekly between 1919 and 1939"
    Selina Kuo
    Hilary Locke
    Napier 319 - 8313 4186
     "The Thunder Rollas Around the Throne:  Politics and Court Culture in early Tudor England"
    Amy Morrison
    Napier 520 - 8313 6439
     "Female Communist Resisters in Occupied France"
    Jessica McCandless
    Kelly McKinley
    Napier 416 - 8313 5796
    "A History of Community Activism and Public Attitudes in Australia towards Genetic Modification (GM) Science in Food and Agriculture"
    David Milazzo
    Napier 319 - 8313 4186
    "National Narratives and Public Days of Commemoration"
    Mark Neuendorf
    Napier 318 - 8313 5156
    “Cultural Representations of Mental Illness in Early Modern England”
    Margot Osborne
    Napier 320 - 8313 4637
    "Looking to London:  Patterns of Collecting British Art at the Art Gallery of South Australia 1945-2012"
    Jasmin Parisiers
     "Early Modern Sermons"
    Alexander Parsons
    Carmel Pascale "Ideas of Britishness and South Australian Nationalism, 1901-1965"
    John Wayne Pearson
    Napier 325 - 8313 4530
    Daniella Pilla
    Napier 519 - 8313 6435
    "Hostel Stories: Experiences of Post-1975 Refugees and Migrants in South Australia’s Reception Centres"
    Dana Rehn
    Napier 320 - 8313 4637
    "The Big Bad Wolf:  Representations of the 'Other' and 'Outsider' in German Renaissance Prints"
    Christopher Reynolds
    Napier 318 - 8313 5156
    Jade Riddle (joint with Architecture)
    Philip Ritson
    Napier 521 - 8313 5183
    Stephanie Thompson
    Andrew Watson
    Napier 519 - 8313 6435
    "The Evolution of Anglo-American Discourse About the Soviet Union from 1984-1990"
    Chen Li Weng
    Off campus
    "Food Security in Singapore: A Look at Campaigns from the 1940s to the Contemporary Era"
    Yvette Wijnandts
    Napier 926 - 8313 3735
    "Rethinking difference with the non-human animal: An analysis of meat eating and culture"
    Susan Woodburn
    Napier 324 - 8313 7095
    "The Emigre Artist in Colonial Australia: A Case Study of Alexandra Schramm"
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