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Academic Staff
Name Research Interests

Prof Rachel Ankeny

History of food, history and philosophy of science, migration history, food ethics, food culture, bioethics, health/science policy
A/Prof Katie Barclay The history of emotions and family life; histories of subjectivity and identity creation; histories of Britain, particularly Scotland and Ireland between the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries
Dr Thomas Buchanan American History
Ms Jenni Caruso Aboriginal people and issues (history)
A/Prof Vesna Drapac Modern European history; immigration to Australia since 1945.
A/Prof Rob Foster Aboriginal people and issues (history), esp. South Australian Aboriginal history, Indigenous History, comparative Indigenous history, South Australian History
Prof David Lemmings 'The legal profession in the late seventeenth and eighteenth-century England; law, governance and the public sphere in early modern Britain.’
Prof Amanda Nettelbeck British colonial and imperial history, Australian history, Indigenous history, histories of violence, histories of humanitarianism, histories of policing, historical memory, memorialization and museum culture.
Dr Gareth Pritchard Modern European history focussing on the social history of politics in the post-World War Two period
A/Prof Paul Sendziuk Twentieth-Century Australian History, post-war immigration, public health and the history of disease
Dr Claire Walker Early Modern Religion, Gender and Politics

Department of History

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