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History is the study of the past and the ways contemporary society is a product of that past. As this might suggest, it incorporates not only large swathes of time, but innumerable countries, cultures and societies. It also requires historians to engage in a range of imaginative approaches to studying the diversity of human experience that it captures under its umbrella.

Here at Adelaide, you can work with a vibrant group of scholars who will give you access to some of that past, and the skills and knowledge you need to follow up your own areas of interest and to apply your learning to contemporary problems.

Staff at Adelaide research and teach on a wide range of times and places, from the medieval to modern, and across Asia, the Americas, Australasia, and Europe.

In your first year, students will cover all of these times and places, using the themes of Empire and Revolution, to provide a coherent focus, but giving students a firm foundation in global histories. In following years, students will select from a range of courses that provide them training in historiographical skills, sources and methods, analysis and interpretation, and writing and communication. Throughout, students will be asked to think about how change happens and the implications for the contemporary world.

Graduates in History are skilled in critical thinking and analysis, have strong writing and communication skills, and are able researchers. This makes them ideal for a range of jobs, from specialist work in history and heritage, to local government and private business.

Teaching in History at Adelaide is underpinned by a strong research culture. There are research strengths in Australian, and particularly indigenous history, modern European history, South-Asian studies, and the history of food and drink. It has a strong tradition in early modern British history, supported by the world-class British Studies collection held at the University of Adelaide Library. It is home to the Adelaide node of the ARC Centre of Excellence in the History of Emotions, and there is a strong concentration of staff working in the area of gender studies, supported by the work of the Fay Gale Centre for Research on Gender. The department has a strong cohort of postgraduate students and welcomes enquiries from suitable candidates.

Department of History

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