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If you're interested in studying Sociology, Criminology or Gender Studies these can be taken as a major, minor or as a free choice elective. Additionally you can also study for a Bachelor of Criminology or a Bachelor of Sociology.

  • Criminology

    Why study Criminology?

    Understanding crime and deviance from a social perspective offers a unique insight into the ways that contemporary societies function, how individuals live and the values that are labelled as important.

    Studying the problems of crime as well as seeking practical solutions, criminology strives to be both academic and professional, both conceptual and applied.

    Criminology is multidisciplinary, drawing upon sociology, cultural studies and law; it fosters a diverse set of skills that can lead to many different jobs and careers. Additionally, students in the Bachelor of Criminology can study courses from the growing filed of crime science including Forensics.

    How can I study Criminology?

    Students can take a Bachelor of Criminology, which in addition to the primary focus on the sociology of crime and deviance, also offers courses in crime science.

    Criminology can be taken as a major in a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts (Advanced), Bachelor of Social Sciences or Bachelor of Psychological Science degree. It can also be taken as a Major in certain double degrees including the Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Laws (5 years) and the Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Science. Students may study Criminology as a minor in the Bachelor of Arts or as a single elective course in the following degrees:

    Students can also choose to study Criminology as a minor in the Bachelor of Arts or as a single course in the free choice electives of the following degrees:

    • Bachelor of Arts
    • Bachelor of Arts (Advanced)
    • Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Management
    • Bachelor of International Development
    • Bachelor of International Studies
    • Bachelor of Languages
    • Bachelor of Media
    • Bachelor of Psychological Science
    • Bachelor of Social Sciences
  • Gender Studies

    Gender Studies can be studied as a major or minor within the following degrees:

    • Bachelor of Arts
    • Bachelor of Arts (Advanced)
    • Bachelor of Social Sciences
    • Diploma in Arts
    • Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    • Combined degrees with the Bachelor of Arts (for example Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Sciences, Bachelor of Media with Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor of International Studies with Bachelor of Arts).

    Students can also take Gender Studies courses as electives in most University of Adelaide degrees.

    Many Gender Studies courses offer an 'External' option for online study - look for the 'EX' course code.

  • Sociology

    Why would I study Sociology?

    Studying Sociology offers insights into the lives of individuals, the functioning of societies and the social issues that are labelled as important in a globalised world.

    Sociology examines individuals and groups in their personal, local, national, global contexts, and provides insights into the ways factors such as class, wealth, race, gender, ethnicity, age, sexuality, disability, and religion shape societies.

    Sociologists question the popular explanations of social life, examining the dynamics of power and inequality.

    How can I study Sociology?

    Students can take a Bachelor of Sociology, which is the first named degree of its type in Australia. In addition to studying social problems, social interactions and (sub)cultures, students will also receive extensive training in making sense of information that drives an increasingly complex, networked world.

    Sociology can also be studied as an elective in most University of Adelaide degrees, or as a major or minor in the following:

    • Bachelor of Arts
    • Bachelor of Arts (Advanced)
    • Bachelor of Social Sciences

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