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Postgraduate Studies in Department of Sociology, Criminology and Gender Studies

Sociology, Criminology and Gender Studies (SCGS) is known in the Faculty for its collegial and supportive postgraduate culture, with an active seminar program through which students make up a vital and lively part of the Department.

Students can undertake studies in:
  • Criminology
  • Gender Studies
  • Sociology

Our postgraduate students are provided with a workstation and computer, and support for their research, for example to give papers at conferences or to travel interstate or overseas for research purposes.

  • Research Focuses for Postgraduate Students

    SCGS staff can offer supervision opportunities for suitably qualified Higher Degree Research projects in the following areas.

    • Feminist theory
    • Masculinity studies
    • Sociology of crime and deviance
    • Surveillance and risk in late modernity
    • Foucault, social control and resistance.
    • Multiculturalism
    • Race and Migration studies, refugees, trafficking
    • Critical race and whiteness studies in Australian contexts
    • Gender and race in media representations, visual culture, documentary photography and film
    • Biopolitics
    • The history, cultural politics and sociology of reproduction
    • The cultural politics of national and global population debates
    • Abortion and maternity
    • Health and illness
    • Embodiment/bodies
    • The anthropology of eating and food
    • Eating disorders and obesity
    • Epigenetics
    • Gender, class & health
    • Out of home care, foster care
    • Gender equity in male dominated professions
    • Critical explorations of educational technology
    • Higher education and transitions to university

    For more detailed information, visit Staff Profiles.

  • Past Students: Where Are They Now?

    Dr Alia Imtoual

    Policy and Project Officer, Federation for Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia, Canberra.

    ‘After I completed my PhD I worked as fulltime level B academic at Flinders University in the School of Education. I enjoyed the mix of teaching and research and putting the skills I developed at GSSA (then GWSI) into practice. In 2010 I took leave to expand my personal horizons beyond Australia and travelled in Latin America for what was supposed to be a year. I recently returned to Australia after almost 7 years based in Chile. My practice as a researcher, ethnographer and teacher were put to good use in exploring life in unfamiliar cultural and linguistic environments. After taking maternity leave for the births of two children I have re-entered the paid workforce as a Policy and Project Officer at the Federation for Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia based in Canberra. As FECCA's gender expert I am involved in researching and writing submissions and reports to government advocating for women and communities of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.’

    Dr Janette Hancock

    Executive Officer, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Adelaide

    'Gender Studies and Social Analysis, I believe, offers a fantastic environment for scholars to ‘think outside the square’ and explore research topics that have impact beyond the university walls. As an undergraduate, postgraduate, Tutor and Online Instructor in GSSA for 8 years I found it to be a great space for innovative and reflective thinking. It was this environment, and the wonderful support of Professor Margaret Allen, which influenced my decision to undertake my Honours at GSSA in 2001 and subsequently my PhD, which was awarded in May 2007.

    The skills, knowledge and friendships I developed while at GSSA have been invaluable and have enabled me to achieve more than I would have thought possible.'

    Dr Jessie Gunson

    Senior lecturer in Social Health Sciences, Flinders University

    'After studying Sociology in the UK I moved to Adelaide to do my PhD in Gender Studies and Social Analysis from 2003 to 2006. I studied the ways in which menstrual suppression was discursively constructed through public debates about extended cycle oral contraception. The collegial support throughout my PhD was great; I was lucky enough to find lifelong friends among my peers and drew inspiration from the research and teaching of the GSSA staff. The interdisciplinary nature of GSSA helped me to develop a strong sense of how my own interests in Sociology and Gender Studies sit in relation to the broader context of the Social Sciences.

    Greg Ogle

    Senior Policy & Research Officer, South Australian Council Of Social Service (SACOSS)

    Former Legal Co-ordinator of The Wilderness Society and PhD in Gender Studies and Social Analysis; Greg says: 'The analysis which underpinned my thesis continues to influence my approach to my work - both in terms of dealing with governments, organisations and people, as well as in my theory and practice of social change. My environmental and legal work continues on the same principles of social analysis - that research and learning should make a difference in the real world.'

  • Current Postgraduate Research Topics

    Jennefer Bagaporo Challenging Masculinities: The Internalisation and Performance of Masculinities Among Filipino Men During Internal Displacement Due to Armed Conflict

    Laurence Cobbaert Alcohol advertising’s contribution in maintaining and reinforcing rape culture among young Australian males

    Shawna Marks Growing up in Footy: Exploring the gender development of adolescent men

    Bridget Jay Eating Bodies

    Zurina Simm Philanthropy and Social Justice: An analysis of Australian Philanthropy as an agent of social change

    Tom Steeples Homeless, young and accompanied: identifying the diverse issues young people with families face when homeless in Adelaide

    Karen Williams The governmentality of mothers of autistic children

    Katherine Radoslovich Love and intimacy in later life: experiences of couples in residential aged care

    Mark Dean Economic crises and the wicked problems of urban rejuvenation in post-GFC Playford

    Nadine Levy Relating, being and knowing: visions of mutual support and connection in women's lives

    Anne Burger Resource policy in neoliberal times: electricity in British Columbia and mining in South Australia - Olympic Dam

    Jenni Caruso Anthropology, assimilation and Aborigines

    Sharyn Goudie Creating better pathways for young people experiencing homelessness through sustainable accommodation and support program models

  • Completed PhDs (since 2007)

    Connie Musolino Assemblages of care: why women with disordered eating are ambivalent to seek therapeutic care (Dean’s Commendation)

    Helen Ewart Gentleman squatters, ‘self-made’ men and soldiers: masculinities in nineteenth century Australia

    Tara Bates Navigating “madness” and “fatness”: distorted spatiotemporalities in experiences of antipsychotic-induced weight gain

    Kanchana Bulumulle Interrogating what is male privilege in the academy

    Jillian Schedneck Gender and invested agency: Cultural expressions in the United Arab Emirates (Dean’s Commendation, University Medal)

    Kirsty Whitman Looking out for the ‘Aussie bloke': gender, class and contextualizing a hegemony of working-class masculinities in Australia

    Gabriella Zizzo Negotiating perceptions of failure, risk and redemption in an Australian breast milk bank

    Stephen Barrett Beyond the unemployment rate: Towards a more comprehensive method for measuring Labour underutilisation

    Angella Duvnjak Feminism and the woman equals mother discourse in reproductive politics in Australia

    Ruthie O'Reilly Solo living in the neoliberal era: negotiating ambivalence and recuperation

    Clare Bartholomaeus Rethinking masculinities and young age: Primary school students constructing gender

    Penelope Eate Walking wounded: Cinematic representations of masculine,post-modern anxiety in the urban space

    Pauline McLoughlin Tenuous guests: Couch surfing through homelessness in the lives of Australian Youth

    Toni Delany To entrap and empower: Maternal responsibility in an age of neoliberal health

    Jane Andrew Beyond the creative fix: Towards an understanding of creativity's place in South Australia's economic development agenda

    Sally Gibson Creating Controversy: Sex Education and the Christian Right in South Australia.

    Keri Chiveralls Exploring the Missing Links: A Critical Inquiry into the Role of Social Capital in Australian Regional Development

    Kathyrn Davidson Monitoring Systems for Sustainability: What are they Measuring?

    Ros Averis Averting the Crisis - or Avoiding the Compromise? A Regulation Approach to Social Inclusion Policies and Practices in the Australian Context.

    Anne Morris Optimising the "spaces in-between": The maternal alienation project and the politics of gender in macro and micro contexts.

    Janette Hancock A Not So Innocent Vision: Re-Visiting the Literary Works of Ellen Liston, Jane Sarah Doudy and Myrtle Rose White (1838-1961).

  • Contact for Further Information

    For further details on postgraduate study please contact the Postgraduate Coordinator for SCGS:

    Dr Anna Szorenyi

Department of Sociology, Criminology and Gender Studies

Ground Floor, Napier Building, Room G18


T: +61 8 8313 3737
F: +61 8 8313 4388