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Take a look at our Discipline's research grant successes, and see all of the topics completed by our recent PhD and MA students:

  • Research Grant Successes

    Lead Researcher/s Professor Andrew Beer and Dr Debbie Faulkner with Professor Justin Beilby and Professor Jon Karnon
    Title ARC Linkage
    The Rise of the Consumer: Engagement of older people with consumer directed care
    Amount Awarded $463,115 (2014 - 2016)
    Project Summary There are over one million Australians in receipt of government funded aged care in Australia. This number is projected to increase considerably by 2050. In 2013 the government will be introducing a 'new' model of care - consumer directed care - a fundamental change in public assistance for older persons.

    This research examines the preferences of older people with respect to consumer directed care, the factors potentially influencing older people's preferences and involvement in consumer directed care and how these attitudes affect the policies and practices of aged care providers. This research will provide the evidence for strategically informed decisions that will deliver the best possible outcomes for older Australians.

    Lead Researcher/s Professor Graeme Hugo with Dr Yan Tan, Prof Guishan S Yang, Prof Naiang A Wang
    Title Discovery Project: QEII Fellowship Dr Yan Tan
    Climate change and migration in China: theoretical, empirical and policy dimensions
    Amount Awarded $710,000 (2011 - 2015)
    Project Summary This project will analyse the complex relationship between climate change and migration by focussing in depth on two areas in China anticipated being major hotspots of Climate change impact. It will provide insight into national and international policy development in Climate change mitigation and adaptations.

    Lead Researcher/s Dr Jennie Fluin (Geology & Geophysics) and Dr John Tibby (Geography, Environment & Population)
    Title Linkage Project
    Establishing baseline ecological conditions for the Lower Lakes, South Australia: the applications of palaeoecology to sustainable resource management
    Amount Awarded $145,000
    Partners SA Department of Environment and Heritage & South Australian Murray Darling Basin Natural Resource Management Board
    Project Summary The Lower Lakes of the Murray River are in a critical ecological state due to record low water levels. Management of these lakes needs to integrate water security demands with maintaining healthy ecosystem functions. Proposed management options such as allowing seawater incursion and the construction of a weir to impede freshwater flows are based on assumptions about what the Lakes were like naturally (pre-European).

    This study will reconstruct environmental variability within the Lower Lakes over the past 7000 years, concentrating on salinity to document the extent of marine incursion, and pH to examine the impacts of acid sulphate release from exposed sediments during low flow events.
  • Current PhD/MA Research Students and Topics
    • Abel Muhammad Agung, PhD
      Urban Environmental Policy and Planning with Potential Risk in Disaster, Indonesia
    • Majida Awashreh, PhD
      Local Government Meergers, Palestine
    • Michael Chadbourne, MPhil
      Residential Satisfaction in the Changing Urban Form of Adelaide: A comparative study
    • Justin Civitillo, PhD
      Ethnicity in Soccer Leagues in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales
    • Simon Fielke, PhD
      The Future of South Australian Agriculture: Policy recommendations to increase sustainability
    • Fidelia Fitrani, PhD
      Business Mobility Between Indonesia, China and Australia
    • Natalie Fuller, PhD
      Retention of Skilled Migrants
    • Trish Hansen, MPhil
    • Zaheed Hasan, PhD
      Public Awareness of Climate Change in Urban Bangladesh
    • Catherine Jervis, PhD
    • Timothy Kelly, PhD
      Greenhouse Gas Emissions Accounting and Mitigation Policy
    • Manori Kaluthantiri, PhD
      Factors Influencing the Relationship Between the Changing Role of the Family and Ageing of the Population in Sri Lanka
    • Constance Kourbelis, PhD
      Epidemiological Perspective of Migrant Health
    • Xuchun Liu (Sill), PhD
      Climate Change and Migration in Western China
    • Syed Abdul Razak Sayed Mahadi, PhD
      International Migration in Saboh
    • Anthony Melhuish, PhD
      Population modelling- Urban Planning
    • Caven Jonathan Napitupulu, PhD
      Transit Migration in Indonesia
    • Rhiannon Niven, PhD
      An International Comparison of Environmental Risk Management
    • Mensah Owusu, PhD
      Vulnerability of Women to Climate Change in Marginalised Communities in Accra
    • Jasmine Palmer, PhD
      Policy, Planning and Design in Australian Higher Density Urban Futures, with particular Reference to Collaborative Spaces, Urban Regeneration and Spatial Equity
    • Rishikesh Pandy, PhD
      Human Ecological Implications of Climate Change in the Himalya
    • Nicole Pelton, PhD
      Environmental Policy and Management of the Coast in Australia
    • Rafe Pfitzner, MPhil
      Indigenous Environmental Management and Leadership, Climate Change, Vulnerability and Adaptability in Regional and Remote Communities
    • James Redden, PhD
      Trade Reform and Labour Mobility in Pacific Island Countries
    • Madhumita Sarma, PhD
      Migration from Bangladesh to Assam, India
    • Andi Setyawan, PhD
      Managing Migration Between Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore: Case study Riau Island
    • Asheshwor Man Shrestha, PhD
      An Integrated Socio-Ecological Framework for Climate Vulnerability Assessment
    • Caren Siegfriedt, PhD
      Alternative Housing Options for Families.  Home-Making and Sustainability: Is there a connection?
    • Victoria Skinner, PhD
      What is the Current Role of Emergency Food Services in Australian Contemporary Society?
    • Marcia Walton, PhD
      Understanding the New Paradigm of Migration in Cambodia: Climate change, deforestation and landlessness
    • Romy Wasserman, PhD
      Migration Between Australia and South Africa
    • Christina Yeo Ken Yin, PhD
      Effects and Integration of Foreign Talent Towards Malaysia's Econom Transformation
    • Girmachew Adugna Zewdu, PhD
      Migration, Development and Social Networks Within Africa
    • Zheng Liang Zhao (Leon), PhD
      Climate Change and Migration in Western China
    • Dandong Zheng, PhD
      Demographic Impacts of Future Sea-Level Rise on Adelaide: A case study for Australian populations
  • Recently Completed PhDs and MAs: 2010-Present
    • Evi Sofiyah, 2013
      Challenges and Opportunities for an Integrated Coastal Management Approach in Jakarta Bay, Indonesia
    • Balambigai Balakrishnan, 2013
      Circular Migration of Indonesia Low-skilled Labour Migrants to Peninsular Malaysia: Patterns, causes and consequences
    • Charlotte Bedford, 2013
      Picking Winners? New Zealand's Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Policy and its Impacts on Employers, Pacific Workers and Their Island-based Communities
    • Patricia Njuki, 2013
      Sub-Saharan African Women in South Australia: Work, money and changing gender roles
    • Panwad Wongthon, 2013
      An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Management of Reef-Based Scuba Dive Tourism: A case study of Koh Tao, Thailand
    • Judith Coxell (Deceased), MA, 2013
      Caesarean Birth Trends in South Australia: 1985-2007
    • David Bunce, 2013
      Housing Cooperatives: The lived experience in an alternative tenure
    • Deborah Van Gaans, 2013
      The Accessibility of Phase 2 Cardiac Rehabilitation Programs in Rural and Remote Australia
    • Kristine James, 2012
      Gaining New Ground: Thinopyrum junceiforme, A model of success along the south eastern Australian coastline
    • Che Kiong Lim, 2012
      The Changing Needs of Older Malaysians: A Selangor case study
    • Michael Wege Zewdu, 2012
      Horn of Africa Migrants in Adelaide and Melbourne
    • Christopher Button, 2012
      Coastal Vulnerability and Climate Change in Australia; Public risk perceptions and adaptation to climate change in non-metropolitan communities
    • George Tan, 2011
      The Transnational Strategies of Chinese and Indian Students in Australia
    • Jennifer Buckley, 2011
      Baby Boomers: Preferences for housing in retirement
    • Natasha Howard, 2011
      A Spatial analysis of the Socioeconomic Influences on Obesity and Chronic Disease in the North West Region of Adelaide
    • Helen Feist, 2011
      Social Spaces, Rural Places: Ageing-in-Place in Rural South Australia
    • Bemen Win Keong Wong, 2010
      The Social and Economic Impacts of Logging Access Road: A case study of Marudi Town, Sarawak, Malaysia
    • Kent Anderson, 2010
      Is Sustainability Sustainable? Are Young Australians on the Path to Sustainability?
    • Swarnalatha Ukwatta, 2010
      Economic and Social Impacts of the Migration of Sri Lankan Transnational Domestic Workers on Families and Children Left Behind
    • Cameron Barr, 2010
      A Fine-Resolution Reconstruction of Climatic Fluctuations in South Eastern Australia Over the Last 1500 Years
    • Karen Cosgrove, 2010
      Bridging the Gap: Engaging rural communities for sustainable development
    • Kelly Parker, 2010
      Engaging Emigrants: A study of the Australian diaspora in the USA
    • Bemen Win Keong Wong, MA, 2010
      Socio-economic Impacts of New Logging Road from Miri to Marudi: A case study in Marudi Town, Sarawak
    • Julie Franzon, 2010
      Overweight and Obesity in South Australina Preschool Children - A spatial perspective
    • Swarna Ukwatta, 2010
      Economic and Social Impacts of the Migration of Sri Lankan Transnational Domestic Workers on Families and Children Left Behind
    • Jillian Marsh, 2010
      A Look at the Approval of Beverley Mind and the Ways that Decisions are Made when Mining Takes Place in Adnymathanha Country: Better ways of caring for culture
    • Sau (Cynthia) Yip, MA, 2010
      China-Born Migration to South Australia: Population and labour force implications
    • Md Aboul Fazal Younus, 2010
      Flooding, Climate Change and Human Security in Bangladesh
  • Submitted / Under Examination
    • Neil Coffee
      Measuring Urban Walkability
    • Danielle Taylor
      A GIS Approach to Small-Area Spatial Epidemiology in Australia
  • Completed PhDs 2004 - 2009
    • Andrew Fyfe, 2009
      Exploring the Spatial Distribution of Intra-Group/Inter-Group Cultural Markers and their Relationship to Language Similarity and Dissimilarity in the Upper Sepik and the Highlands of Central New Guinea
    • Louise Mutton, 2008
      Diatoms, their Taxonomy and Use as Biological Indicators of Mine Pollution in the Tropical Regions of the Northern Territory
    • Mosharefa Shahjahan, 2008
      Integrated River Basin Management for the Ganges: Lessons from the Murray-Darling and Mekong River Basins (A Bangladesh Perspective)
    • Le Phu Vo, 2008
      Developing a Sustainable Strategy for Urban Water Use and Management in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    • Tony Lockwood, 2008
      Formulation of Residential Real Estate Sub-Market Spatial Boundaries
    • Xoan Nguyen, 2008
      Adaptation of Young Migrants in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    • Vigya Sharma, 2008
      Conceptualising and Operationalising Sustainability
    • Emily Moskwa, 2008
      Ecotourism as a Means of Encouraging Ecological Recovery in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia
    • Louise von Falkenhayn, 2007
      An Assessment of the Use of Bacillariophyceae as Biological Monitors of Heavy Metal Pollution in Australian Tropical Streams
    • AKM Rafique Ahammed, 2007
      The Role of Monitoring and Auditing in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Process in Australia
    • Sarah Goodall, 2007
      From Plateau pastures to Urban Fringe: Sedentarisation of Nomadic Patoralists in Ladakh, North-West India
    • Valerie Kupke, 2007
      Housing Market
    • Sarah Goodall, 2007
      From Plateau Pastures to Urban Fringe. Sednetarisation of Nomadic Pastoralists in Ladakh, North-West India
    • Julie Hinsliff, 2007
      Integration of Exclusion? The Resettlement Experience of Refugees in Australia
    • Thirumurugan Ponnusamy, 2007
      Knowledge-based Expert System for Agricultural Landuse Planning MA
    • Lock Chang (Eddie) Wong, 2006
      Environmental Aspects of the Building-Construction: Traditional cast in-situ vs pre-cast concrete systems
    • Jing Jing Weng, 2006
      Comparison of Water Pollution Management in the Suzhou River, Shanghai and Torrens River, Adelaide
    • Justin Sih, 2006
      Gastropod Settlement-Enhancing Devices (SEDs) and their use in Singapore - A Feasible Tool for Enhancing Biodiversity and Abundance of Mobile Intertidal Gastropods on Seawalls?
    • Valda Ong Fui Poh, 2006
      Feng Shui and its Impacts on Singapore Home Environment
    • Hsu-Ling Joeleen Low, 2006
      A Review of Building Envelope Design and its Relationship with Energy Loads for Optimal Green Performance
    • Rajiv Mouveri, 2006
      Local and Regional Integration: An examination of local government integration within the South Australian natural resource management framework
    • Mary Heathcote, 2006
      An Evaluation of the Chemical Industry's Responsible Care Programme in the Context of Economic Globalisation and Trends in International Environmental Accountability and Governance
    • Nick Boon, 2006
      Implementing Ecological Restoration in Urban Singapore
    • Lareen Newman, 2006
      Images and Impacts of Parenthood: Explaining fertility and family size in contemporary Australia
    • Valerie Kupke, 2006
      Buying a First Home
    • Peter Smailes, 2006
      Redefining the Local: The social organisation of rural space in South Australia 1982-2006
    • Wenyan Wu, 2005
      Evaluating the South Australian Marina Strategy in the Context of Strategic Environmental Assessment
    • Hong Yew-Thiam, 2005
      Lead, Zinc and Copper Contamination in Soils Alongside Roadways of Singapore
    • Ying Zhang, 2005
      Environmental Enforcement in China: A case study of industry air pollution control enforcement in Wuhan
    • Aimee Wagner, 2005
      Implementing Education for Sustainability: The development of an integrated learning project at Urrbrae Agricultural High School, South Australia
    • Hossain Siddiqui, 2005
      Reconstruction of Floodplain Palaeoenvironments by Analysing Carbon and Nitrogen in Sediments: A study of the Pike River, Ral Ral and Deep Creek wetlands
    • Taneaki Nozawa, 2005
      Towards an Environmental Management System for a University Department
    • Monica Pareja-Freyre, 2005
      Rethinking the Green City
    • Lifang Li, 2005
      Effectiveness of Social Impact Assessment: A case study of Wuhan Wastewater Management Project, China
    • Wenyan Li, 2005
      Potential for Participation in Nature-Based Tourism in South Australia by Mainland Chinese Tourists
    • Guek Loh, 2005
      A Study of the Prevalence of Dengue Fever Cases in the Southeastern Region of Singapore
    • I-Lyn Loo, 2005
      The EPBC Act: A Commonwealth Government initiative to take the lead in environmental protection in Australia
    • Neil Coffee, 2005
      Constructing an Objective Index of Walkability
    • Jing Duan, 2005
      An Evaluation of the Application of the Salisbury Stormwater Reuse Model to Bejing
    • Eric Achankeng, 2005
      Sustainability in Municipal Solid Waste management in Bamenda and Yaounde, Cameroon
    • Trudy O’Connor, 2005
      Birds in Coffee Agroforestry Systems of West Lampung, Sumatra
    • Debbie Faulkner, 2005
      The Spatial Dynamics of Fertility in South Australia 1976-1996
    • Sasikamon Thamrongvoraporn, 2005
      Explaining Patterns of Public participation in Bangkok: Case analysis of recycling in Bangkok, Thailand
    • Zewdu W Michael, Wege, 2004
      Post Migration Settlement and Adjustment of Ethiopian and Sudanese Migrants in South Australia
    • Cheng Sun, 2004
      The Domestic Waste Collection in Suburban Adelaide
    • Sophie Pritchard, 2004
      Socially Responsible Investment in Singapore: Assessing the current market and possibilities for development
    • Choon Wang Ng, 2004
      The Prospects for Solar Power in Singapore
    • Lim (Terry) Hong, 2004
      Decommissioning Methodology and Associated Environmental Concerns for an Electronic Component Manufacturing Plant in Singapore
    • Asep Karsidi, 2004
      Spatial Analysis of Land Use/Land Cover Change Dynamics Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
    • Paul Lukong, 2004
      The Integration of Geospatial Data into the Surveillance and Management of HIV/AIDS in Cameroon
    • Eric Achankeng, 2004
      Sustainability in Municipal Solid Waste Management in Bamenda and Yaounde, Cameroon
    • Dianne Rudd, 2004
      Women and Migration: Internal and international migration in Australia
    • Yan Tan, 2004
      Developmental Resettlement and Sustainable Development: The three gorges project in China
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