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Exciting job prospects await graduates of the Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Management and those with a major in Geography, Environment and Population in other degrees from the University of Adelaide.

  • Opportunities for Our Graduates

    Opportunities increase for graduates with a good fourth year Honours Degree in Environmental Policy and Management.

    Graduates with Geography, Environment and Population find their qualifications especially in demand in fields where they can apply their geographical training. Areas such as:

    • environmental and urban management
    • monitoring economic restructuring and social change
    • social and regional planning
    • development of public policy.

    After graduating you may also choose to improve your competitiveness in the job market by undertaking further study in the form of a coursework Master of Environmental Policy and Management, or perhaps the Graduate Diploma,  Graduate Certificate or Professional Certificate of the Masters program.

    Research in Geography, Environment and Population is in high demand, and the Discipline supports a large cohort of local and international candidates in both the Masters by Research program and the Doctor of Philosophy program.

  • Skills & Strengths

    Students who study Geography, Environment and Population gain the knowledge base, critical thinking and analytical skills, and practical and specialised skills, which make them highly employable in both government and the private sector.

    You will be able to offer an employer some of the following stengths:

    • Critical awareness and problem-solving techniques
    • Proficiency in essay and report writing
    • Applied IT including quantitative statistical analysis and GIS
    • Up-to-date knowledge of the real world, not just textbook learning
    • Basic understanding of research design
    • Project development and management of social survey skills
    • Multi-skilled in a diverse range of areas
    • Field-work experience in Australia and overseas
    • Ability to work within a team
    • Map interpretation and drafting skills.
  • Past Graduate Employment

    Past graduates have been employed as:

    • Foreign Affairs Officers
    • Policy Advisers
    • Project Officers
    • Research Associates
    • Business Analysts
    • Research Scientists
    • Business Data Analysts
    • Marketer / Marketing Managers
    • Market Researchers
    • Teachers
    • Environmental Management
    • Environmental Project Officers
    • Ministerial Advisers
    • Parliamentary Advisers
    • Development Officers
    • Humanitarian / Aid Workers
Department of Geography, Environment & Population



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