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About Us

Geography, Environment and Population is an interdisciplinary unit that focuses on the key question of our time: how do we live on the planet in ways that nurture people and place?  It is relevant to anyone interested in the relationship between human beings and the environments in which they live.

The Department offers a wide range of programs that combine the physical and social sciences and provide students with the skills to make sense of the complex relationships and processes that shape our world. We go beyond documenting discipline specific issues, to explore how to answer and resolve pressing problems such as climate change, urbanisation, population pressure and food security.

Studying Geography, Environment and Population is about being an active part of global social and environmental change, and the creation of just and sustainable societies and environments. Our graduates develop skills in life-long learning and are employed in a wide range of industry, research and government contexts.

Examples of jobs includes working as demographers, planners, local government officers, mining staff, and working in non-government and Indigenous organisations to name but a few.

By choosing to study the Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Management or to put Geographical and Environmental Studies at the heart of your Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Social Sciences degree, you will gain the knowledge base, critical thinking and analytical skills, and practical and specialised skills, which are highly sort after in both government and the private sector.

Department of Geography, Environment & Population



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