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Did you always want to learn German but missed the opportunity to do so at school? Or are you an advanced German speaker trying to put the finishing touches to it?

Everything is possible. There are different entry levels - you can start from scratch or at a more advanced level and take German as a Major, a Minor, a Diploma or an elective.

Our courses aim to develop your proficiency in the German language, and to give you the opportunity to explore important aspects of past and contemporary German culture. In second and third years, language and culture are offered as separate courses in order to allow more in-depth study of both.

As part of the German program, you have the opportunity to study in Germany. You can take the course German in Germany offered by the University of Stuttgart or participate in the exchange program and get credit for it.

German Studies staff publish in a range of different areas of German literature and culture – individual authors, aesthetic theory, German-Australian connections, to just name a few. So you can also go on to do a higher degree in German.

The University of Adelaide is the only university in South Australia that offers German. But this won’t be an obstacle - if you attend one of the other South Australian universities, you can still study German as a cross-institutional student.
Department of German Studies

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