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Community Engagement

The Faculty of Arts runs educational and personal development programs in the City of Playford and City of Salisbury for school students and adult learners.

These programs develop:

  • Digital Literacy
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Communication and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Leadership Ability and Civic Pride
  • Personal and Community Well-being
  • Social Inclusion and Work-Readiness

Our focus is on making the journey from the northern suburbs to further learning and work less arduous, and to connect northern suburbs residents to careers in knowledge economies. CHURP (Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning) has identified that communities undergoing change need to consider implementing programs that support social well-being, civic engagement, skills' development and engagement with the global economy (Structural Adjustment in Australia: Community Impacts and Effectiveness, 2013). We believe our programs can support the development of these skills.

We have worked with organisations including the City of Salisbury, Playford Alive, the ARA (Australian Refugee Association) and NASSSA (Northern Adelaide State Secondary Schools' Alliance) to create tailored educational programs that meet our clients and their cohorts' needs.

Recent highlights include:

  • The True North Project: This writing and communications project is developed in partnership with the City of Salisbury and includes the production of an anthology of creative and critical writing, You're Not Alone, was launched at 2015 Salisbury Writers' Festival.
  • The Finding Your Voice program implemented in partnership with NASSSA: Digital and face-to-face workshops in public speaking and professional writing delivered to students in northern suburbs schools.
  • Annual ARA Schools' Event: We co-host the major schools' event offered by ARA, which promotes cultural diversity and educational opportunity to students from culturally diverse backgrounds.

For further information please contact Dr Stephanie Hester, Director: Gender, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Photos and Resources

Creative Writing Online Module

This is a stand-alone module developed by author and academic Dr. Jillian Schedneck that introduces students to key concepts in creative writing in a fun and interactive way. It has value for any students interested in developing their skills in descriptive writing, and also develops skills in areas assessed by NAPLAN tests including vocabulary and persuasive devices.

It is best suited for middle school students, but could be adapted to suit younger or older students.

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