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Depending on your degree, you can choose to complete a major or minor sequence in a language, or study language courses as electives (free choice courses).

The number of language courses you will be able to study as electives will depend on the structure of your degree.

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With a Bachelor degree, a major in French comprises 24 units, or 8 x 3 unit courses; a Minor comprises 18 units, or 6 x 3 unit courses.

As is the case with all language study, there are specific progression requirements in French. Firstly, you need to pass each language course before moving on to the next semester of language study. Secondly, to obtain a major, you need to complete 9 units at second-year level (i.e. two language semesters plus one culture course) as well as 9 units at third-year level. To derive maximum benefit for your French skills, we strongly recommend that you consider completing an extended major of 30 units by taking all 10 courses.

Download the Department of French Studies handbook and textbook list.

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