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The Department of French Studies offer both Masters and PhD research degrees.

Postgraduate research students have an opportunity to study alongside leading scholars with extensive research and professional experience. Students complete an induction program designed to assist in the development of research skills and in refining their research topic. Throughout the duration of their candidature, students will be invited to contribute to a number of seminar series and conferences. They may also be offered the opportunity to give classes or guest lectures to students and to participate in various university and community outreach programs. 

They are prepared for a variety of academic and non-academic career paths through workshops and training offered by the Faculty of Arts and through the University’s Career and Research Skills Training program (CARST).

  • Information for Prospective Students

    Prospective postgraduate students are expected to have obtained a recognised competency in French Studies such as an Honours degree or a Research Master degree or a coursework Master where they have scored highly in the research component. The process is highly competitive and publications markedly increase the chances of success.

    Note: to be competitive for an international PhD scholarship you require a high grade, first class honours degree or an equivalent Masters Coursework degree with a substantial theses component.

  • Recently Completed Postgraduate Student Theses

    Full list of completed student theses.

    2015 REED, Sarah, “The perils of translation: the representation of Australian cultural identity in the French translations of crime fiction novels by Richard Flanagan and Philip McLaren.” (J. Fornasiero, J. West-Sooby)

    2015 ARMSTRONG, Robert, ”L’Exclusion des femmes de la vie politique: la représentation des femmes en tant que candidates à la magistrature suprême dans la Vème République. ” (P. Poiana)

    2009 STARBUCK, Nicole “Constructing the ‘Perfect’ Voyage: Nicolas Baudin at Port Jackson, 1802.” (J. West-Sooby, J. Fornasiero)

    2009 STOTT, Carolyn, “Belleville Rouge, Belleville Noir, Belleville Rose : Représentations d’un quartier parisien depuis le moyen âge jusqu’à l’an 2000. ” (J. Fornasiero)
    2006 McCANN Mark, “Penser l’écran sonore: les théories du film parlant “  (J. Fornasiero)
    2006 STOCKS Lynette, “Gautier Critique: Liberté, Fraternité et la Défense du Réalisme” (J. Fornasiero)

For all enquiries please contact the Postgraduate Coordinator

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