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About Us

The teaching of French at the University of Adelaide dates back to the 1880s, when classes were offered by various members of staff.

In 1918, John Crampton was appointed as the first Lecturer in the French Language and Teacher of French in the Elder Conservatorium. John’s daughter, Hope Crampton, was appointed as a Lecturer in 1930, and she founded the ‘French Language Club’ which has been in operation ever since.

Today, whether you have studied French at high school and beyond or never studied it at all, it is possible for you to study French. At all levels of the undergraduate degree there is both a beginners' stream and an advanced stream; so regardless of your existing knowledge of French you can study with us for the entire duration of your degree. You can even study in France!

The Department of French Studies seeks to foster, through its teaching and research activities, a knowledge and appreciation of France’s rich linguistic and cultural heritage as well as a high level of competency in both written and spoken language skills. The development of language skills is indeed the core component of all of our courses.  This is obviously the case for all the language courses, but it is also true of the various culture courses that are on offer in second and third year. The culture curriculum varies from year to year, with offerings that include the study of literature from medieval times through to the twenty-first century, as well as courses in French cinema and popular culture, and key aspects of French history and society. 

The Department is continually seeking to adapt its course offerings to meet the changing needs and interests of students. Its aim is not only to enrich students’ knowledge of French society and culture, but also to maintain its traditional emphasis on the thorough acquisition of the language itself.

Department of French Studies
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