Events: outreach

Geography Matters Workshop

Discover how we can live in a way that is good for both people and the planet. 

[Read more about Geography Matters Workshop]

Creative Writing Workshop

Navigate the relationships between author, text and audience. Interpret text, literary works and film.

[Read more about Creative Writing Workshop]

History Day Out

Explore the cultural, social, economic and political aspects of the lives of men and women throughout time.

[Read more about History Day Out]

Criminology Workshop

Encompass the study of crime and deviance with our Criminology Workshop.

[Read more about Criminology Workshop]

English Workshop

Explore a vast range of writing styles, think critically about poetry and reflect on stories and speeches composed by renowned figureheads.

[Read more about English Workshop]

French Day Out

Develop an understanding and appreciation of French culture through language, film and food.

[Read more about French Day Out]

Geography Day Out

The Faculty of Arts presents the second annual Geography Day Out. 

[Read more about Geography Day Out]

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