The Rohingya: Statelessness, Refugeehood and a ‘Subhuman’ Life

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ACE: Adaptation, Community and Environment

The Rohingyas, an ethno-linguistic and religious minority of Myanmar one the most persecuted group of people in the world, drew global attention in 2017 when they sustained violence and atrocities from Myanmar security forces and vigilantes.

Thousands of Rohingyas poured into Bangladesh. Today the Rohingyas are ‘struggling for existence’ in Bangladesh; they have an obscured past, critical present and an uncertain future. They belong to no state: Myanmar stripped them of their citizenship four decades ago and Bangladesh does not recognize them even as refugees. Given this context, this talk presents empirical research on the current state of Rohingya in the Borderland of Bangladesh and Myanmar within the broader spectrum of statelessness, refugeehood and “subhuman life”. 


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