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The Department of English and Creative Writing are active in research.

Visit our people page to learn the various research interests of our staff members. And for the latest English and Creative Writing seminars see news and events.

  • Recently Completed Ph.D Student Theses

    Con Anemogiannis: Creative Writing. A Novel, Plus a Critique/Thesis/Exegesis Titled, The Monster as the Holy Grail in Literature and Cinema the Changing role of Jeopardy in Narrative

    Michelle Aung Thin: "The skin of a writer:
    Part one: Winsome of Rangoon (provisional title) - a novel
    Part two: Skin, writing and ethics in the representation of Anglo-Burmese subjectivity"
    Leila Binder: Creative Writing: Self Invention in Settler Cultures
    Gillian Britton: A Literary Exploration of the Familial, Generational and gender Influences of Belief
    Shannon Burns: The Trauma Aesthetic: the works of W.G. Sebald, J.M. Coetzee and Thomas Pynchon
    Charles Canning: Creative Writing Novel
    Emma Carmody: Transposition - Poetry and Cinema
    Megan Clark: Creative writing - Novel Plus Exegesis on Indigenous Story-Telling and Modernism
    Rebekah Clarkson: Remembering What Never Happened: A Collection of Interconnecting Short Literary Fiction and Exploration of the Subconscious Processes Involved in Creating It
    Emily Cock: The Representation of Prostitution in Seventeenth Century Popular Literature
    Benjamin Crisp: Novel: Maps and Cartography Throughout History as Metaphors for Meaning in Literature Vs "The Hero's Journey"
    Helen Dinmore: Creative Writing - Literary Fiction
    Denise George: Biography of Nick Mount: Glass Artist
    Vaishnavi Heath: Bengali Literature
    Maya Linden: Desire and Its Disastrous Results: Re-Examining Morality and Ambivalence in the Literature of Feminine Masochism
    Lisa Lines: Novel/Set Trade in Thailand
    Geraldine Love: The Writing of a Novella and the Study of It's Form and History
    Lauren Lovett: Creative Writing - Fiction Novel and Exegesis - Conflict Theory and its Impact on Writing
    Damien Marwood: Postmodernity, Postcoloniality, and the Ethics of Mourning: Special Politics in the Works of Thomas Pynchon, S. Rushdie & J. M. Coetzee
    Mary Mather: Point of View in a Novel about a Divided Society
    Emma McEwin: Family Memoir
    Dennis McIntosh: Part 2 Memoirs - Masculinity
    Rachael Mead Dark Green: A Collection of Poems on Environmental Themes
    Natasha Molt: An Exploration of a Fictional Characters's Search for Meaning and Authenticity
    Vanna Morosini: A full length novel exploring issues around trauma and cativity
    Patricio Munoz: Creative Writing
    Heath Nash: Novel and Exegesis Exploring Noir Fiction & Violence
    Martina Newhook: The Role of Narrative in Corporate Environments
    Carly Osborn: Girard and Tragedy
    Madeleine Seys: Fashioned Fictions: Femininity, Dress and Genre in Victorian Literature
    Heather Sladdin: 'The White Crane ' a Poetic Novel
    Reginald Taylor: A Novel Based on harry Taylor & Accompanying Exegesis, 'The Utopian in a Faithless Age'
    Christine Velde: Memoir: Expatriates Experiences, Shanghai, China
    Jessica Wallace: A Novel and Exegesis Around the Possibility of Freedom from Narcissistic Capture in Children's Stories and Family Histories
    Bryan Whalen: Of The Earth: An In-Depth Creative Enquiry into Travel and Transportation
    Sean Williams: Original Novel Plus Research into Crime and Science Fiction


  • Recently Completed M.Phil (Arts) & M.Arts Student Theses
    Robert Horne: Collection of Related Short Stories
    Joanna Jarose: Creative Writing Specialising in Fantasy, an Research of Same Genre
    Anna Szorenyi: Intimate Dislocations: Telling Vera's Story (A Memoir)
    Steven Havis: Morality and Secular Humanism in the Fiction of Ian McEwan
    Shannon Lambert: The Human/Animal Relationships in Early Modern England
    Angus Love: Deleuze, Tragedy and Catharsis
    Gretta Mitchell: Illegible Narratives: Towards a Queer Violation of Life Story
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