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Degree options

The University of Adelaide provides two pathways to becoming a secondary school teacher: a Bachelor of Teaching (double degree) and a Master of Teaching (Middle and Secondary). These degree options allow you to specialise in study areas you are passionate about and teach these subject areas at secondary schools:

Be a part of shaping future generations with a rewarding career as a secondary school teacher.

Students interested in the Lutheran pathway may be eligible to access topics via cross-institutional studies towards electives.

Our teaching degrees will provide you with the practical skills and tools to become a middle or secondary school teacher, and through professional placements, give you a rich learning experience which enables you to teach locally, nationally, or globally. Choose your areas of expertise and teach what you love.

    Anqi Cheng.JPG

    Anqi Cheng

    "Teaching combines different teaching methods and social skills. Teaching methods vary from different individual students because of their different characters and different way of absorbing knowledge. My degree is here to help me understand the ways to get my hands around it and how to become a good teacher. Based on my own experience, I hope with my prospective from another culture, I could change the way of teaching when back in China ... my own way of teaching of course, and become the teacher I wished to have when I was in school."

    Anqi Cheng, Bachelor of Teaching (Middle) with Bachelor of Arts

    Benjamin Powell

    Benjamin Powell

    "The University of Adelaide is the only university in South Australia that offers my degree, so that in itself makes this degree overly unique. During my time at university I have enjoyed making new life-long friendships, learning new and interesting things, and engaging in the university community. The social nights and BBQs organised by the clubs are highlight, as well as engaging with many passionately driven lecturers, who thoroughly make each topic more interesting."

    Benjamin Powell, Bachelor of Teaching (secondary) with Bachelor of Economics

    Bachelor of Teaching (double degree)

    The Bachelor of Teaching (double degree) allows you to complete the qualifications required to become a registered teacher in four years. It is well suited to school leavers and those returning to study. You can choose between teaching in the middle or secondary years of schooling.

    The main focus in the first three years of the degree is on completing two majors or a major and a minor sequence in teaching specialisation areas offered by the School of Education. The major and minor subject sequences are taken as part of the double degree program. 

    All Bachelor of Teaching degrees involve participation in an eLearning Program that will develop students’ digital capabilities through the use of a student-owned iPad with pencil and keyboard.

    The eLearning Program seeks to enable pre-service teachers to become highly proficient at using contemporary technologies for teaching. Students will have the opportunity to gain Apple Teacher status and to use technology creatively throughout their Teaching Degree and also on school placement. This will future-proof students’ entry into an education industry that is already making significant demands on teachers’ digital capabilities.

    Students will be assisted in procuring an iPad upon enrolment.

    Double degree options available include:

    Full-time, in school, professional experience is a key element of the teaching program. There are five blocks of professional experience in the Bachelor of Teaching double degree: 

    • Year 1 – 10 days
    • Year 2 – 10 days
    • Year 4 – 2 blocks of 25 days

    Professional experience placements are taken on a full-time continuous basis.

    What does it take to become a teacher?

    You will be required to undertake the LANTITE test, as well as other requirements.

    Students interested in the Lutheran pathway may be eligible to access topics via cross-institutional studies towards electives. 

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    Bachelor of Teaching (Middle)  Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary)

    Have you already completed a bachelor degree?

    The Master of Teaching (Middle and Secondary) is for you.Designed for aspiring teachers who have completed an undergraduate program specialising in subjects relevant to secondary teaching, this two-year program is taught in an accelerated mode allowing you to complete it in 1.25 years.

    The Master of Teaching has a number of intensive programs (e.g. the equivalent of 12 week course taught over 4 separate days). Depending on the nature of the course, this may require intensive reading in order to successfully participate in workshops designed for each day. For example, in a course like Middle and Secondary Pedagogy, students will need to have completed between 6-10 readings for each day of the intensive course, as well as viewings, prior to each day. 

    Master of Teaching - flyer

    Professional experience

    Students undertake studies in curriculum areas related to their undergraduate qualifications and teaching specialisations and complete two full-time supervised teaching blocks in South Australian schools totalling 65 days. Students undertake a significant practice based research project in the second year.

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