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Wednesday 17 April | 9am-12pm | Barr Smith South| Room 1062

In light of both the Federal and State Government policy direction in “Closing the Gap”, education has been identified as the key contributor to overcoming Aboriginal and Islander disadvantage. The School of Education is invested in playing a key role in reducing disadvantage through its courses to address the discourse of exclusion and to proactively prepare its teachers to respond according to the alarming statistics that exist in education for Aboriginal and Islander students. Addressing attendance and retention, literacy and numeracy results and Year 12 attainment is a national priority.” School of Education, Aboriginal and Islander Education Action Plan, 2019-2021

This Masterclass will be made up of three components:                   

Session 1: A brief overview of Aboriginal history and connection to the Environment, including past and present policies.
Session 2: Possible ideas to Indigenise curriculum content with a focus on the curriculum areas of Math, English and Music.
Session 3: Breakout session: Participants will break into smaller curriculum groups (5-7 max) and design 4 consecutive lessons that contain an Indigenous perspective of an aligned curriculum content from the National Curriculum.  

Mr Michael Colbung, School or Education: Michael is a Wongatha (Wongi) / Nyoongah man with strong cultural links to the Wirangu and Kookatha nations after living in Ceduna for 30 years.

Michael is a lecturer and researcher with the School of Education, in the Faculty of Arts. He is an active researcher in Indigenous Education and issues that impact on student learning outcomes. Michael is a qualified teacher, having taught in a variety of diverse settings. He has had the privilege of working with the very young to the young at heart and everything in between. 


Wednesday 17 July | 9am-12pm | Barr Smith South| Room 1062

Everyday tests are used to make decisions on people. In many cases, these are important decisions. Unfortunately, most of the tests are still of low quality. They are not built according
to best practice, and never evaluated for performance to check whether they are even producing reliable scores. This Masterclass is intended for those who are interested in learning how to improve tests and assessments, by applying best practices for evaluating the performance of assessments.

Dr I Gusti Ngurah Darmawan, School of Education:  Senior Lecturer and the Associate Head (International) within the School of Education at the University of Adelaide.

Dr I Gusti’s research interests are wide and varied. From a strong initial interest in ICT and Science Education, he has extended his field of inquiry to include cross-national and comparative perspectives, and has consequently developed a strong interest in educational research methodology and measurement.


Wednesday 2 October | 9am-12pm | Barr Smith South| Room 1062

This Masterclass will explore the growing utility of e-Portfolios for both learners and educators, encompassing their role in students’ units of learning and in teachers’ contemporary
curriculum vitae. A number of practical tools for the construction and management of effective e-Portfolios will be explored, with the opportunity for participants to start building their own.

Dr Walter Barbieri, School of Education: Walter’s research interests span the breadth of educational technologies, but are more closely focused on; personalised mobile technologies and their impact on learning and teaching; school culture and change; augmented and virtual reality and its application to education.
Walter leads the School of Education: eLearning program where we have partnered with Apple Australia and New Zealand to change the preparation of teaching graduates to utilise mobile technology as part of their daily pedagogy.

Certificates of attendance will be provided for all participants    
Registrations close: Monday 15 April: Introduction to Aboriginal Studies / Monday 15 July: Introduction to Classical & Modern Test Theory / Monday 30 September: e-Portfolios: Contemporary Tools to Showcase Learning

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