Learning, Technology and Assessment Research Group

The Learning, Technology and Assessment group investigates issues of assessment, creativity, language, and technology in education. Our aim is to enhance the educational experience of the broader community at all levels. Our international perspective allows us to study in depth the cultures, language and general diversity of 21st-century students and our research on digital teaching and learning underpins our understanding of new technologies such as virtual reality for enhancing the student experience.

Learning, Technology and Assessment Research Group

Key areas: Assessment, Technology,Higher EducationCurriculum Design, Cognitive Load Theory

We have available projects for HDR students in these areas:

Team leader

Dr. Julia Miller

Research team

Higher degree research students

Andrew Kemp
Steven Cook
Shila Panadgoo
Sam Willis
Ngoc Nguyen
Adele Feakes
Allyson Dutschke
Darren Roylett 
Jerome Oko
Richard Burton
Christina Surmei
Safitri Ratri
Kristy Davis
Hnin Nwe Nwe Tun
Abu Nawas
Ari Arifin Danuwijaya
Fatemeh Mehdiabadi
Stella Panozzo
Ursula McGowan
Chinh Ngan Nguyen Le
Catherine Royans
Nemwel Aminga
Valeriia Sibakova