Lunchtime Learning: The inclusion of Indigenous Sustainability Knowledges into University courses

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What are Learning Lunches?

Learning Lunches are chances for staff to learn some new skills for teaching in a relaxed, active environment.  Bring your lunch and take an hour to eat together and learn a few new practical things that will positively impact on your teaching.

Why Learning Lunches?

Let’s face it – we’re all busy and it’s sometimes hard to schedule in time for keeping up with new developments in teaching and learning.

The School of Education’s Learning Lunches are designed for all university staff to take a breath, learn a few new things and be better prepared for new challenges and expectations of Lecturers and teaching. 

Focus areas – change with your needs

  • Embedding Indigenous perspectives in course curricula
  • Expanding on eLearning pedagogic strategies
  • Understanding Wellbeing and its importance to engagement and learning outcomes.

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SESSION ONE: Mr Michael Colbung, Lecturer, School of Education, Presents:
The inclusion of Indigenous Sustainability Knowledges into University courses.

Abstract: Sustainability and Indigenous education are two cross-curriculum priorities of the Australian Curriculum. While both are equally important, this session will examine some of the overlaps or interconnectedness. Aboriginal and Islander Nations have maintained this interconnectedness for 120,000 years. Aboriginal peoples have lived successfully in some of the most “interesting” environments in Australia.

Educators have the opportunity to integrate some of these knowledge systems into their educational practices. 

Group Discussion and Activities

UNESCOs 17 Sustainable Developmental goals.
The Clash of Indigenous and Western knowledge systems.
Develop ways to decolonise the colonial space and the safe entry of the Indigenous narrative.

Increase sustainable ecological, cultural capital practices.
Socially responsible research. What does it look like?
How can we increase sustainable educational practices in our courses?
Creating Sustainable environments in Rural and Remote Schools and Communities.

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