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Study Overseas

Have you ever considered studying overseas? Did you know there are many overseas experiences available to students in the Faculty of Arts? Find out more!

When considering an overseas study experience, your first stop should be Study Overseas. Learn about eligibility, how to apply and application deadlines. Then contact the Faculty of Arts to better understand how the experience could fit in your study plan.

Funding Your Overseas Studies

Financial assistance for studying overseas could be available to you through OS-Help, the University's Study Overseas Travel Grant or through a variety of scholarships. For updated information visit the Study Overseas Funding page.

Faculty Credit Transfer Process

Faculty of Arts staff can advise you on the credit transfer process. Applications, placements and funding are overseen by the Study Overseas office. They will advise you of the process you will need to follow, however you will need to get credit approval through the Faculty Office. Please note that the credit transfer process can differ between exchange/semester-length study and short programs, see below for further information.


  • Step 1 - Find a host institution which offers your study area

    You need to find out if your desired destinations offer courses that would fit into your program. If you are unsure which types of courses you have left to study, please request a study plan from the Faculty office.

    The Study Overseas website will be a good resource for you with webpages for each of our partner universities, including an 'Academics' tab and direct links to our partner's websites.

    The Faculty of Arts Study Overseas Officer can also help you consider an appropriate host university.

  • Step 2 - Go along to a Study Overseas information session

    Exchange information sessions are a great opportunity for you to meet the Study Overseas advisors and hear about all aspects of the program and application process. Check out when the next session is here.

  • Step 3 - Attend a Faculty of Arts exchange information session

    There are now information sessions specifically for students studying in the Faculty of Arts. These sessions cover information that relates to the Faculty's specific degrees, including information on studying languages, getting credit and fitting exchange into a Faculty of Arts degree.

    Please check the Faculty of Arts Facebook page for information about the next session.

  • Step 4 - Application and Faculty pre-approval

    Once you have identified appropriate overseas institutions, the next step is to apply through the GLAS Application System. Click on the 'How to Apply' tab for further information.

    As part of the application, you must first request approval through the Faculty pre-approval questionnaire in GLAS. This is where we assess whether it is possible for you to go on exchange within your program of study. You don't need to meet with a Study Overseas Officer prior to this step, however if you would like to, please contact the Faculty Office to arrange an appointment.

    You will need to have a minimum GPA of 4.50 in order to be considered for exchange. If your GPA is currently below 4.50, you may have the opportunity to raise your GPA in the coming academic year before submitting a study plan for Faculty Approval. You are responsible for choosing what courses you study while on exchange. We recommend speaking to the Faculty's Study Overseas Officer for further advice on your study choices.

  • Step 5 - After you receive an offer from Study Overseas, request Faculty course approval

    Once you have been offered a place at an institution, you can begin choosing courses to study on exchange. Please fill in the Faculty Approval (Study Plan) section of your online application, and include the following details about each course:

    • Name of overseas course (subject)
    • Value of overseas course (in ECTS, credits, units, etc.)
    • What type of credit you intend to receive for the course (towards major, minor, closed electives or general electives)
    • A copied course description or URL to information on host organisation’s website

    In the case that the host organisation does not provide specific details about courses, the Faculty can grant you a general approval. However the expectation is that you contact us with course information as soon as you arrive.

    If you require approval for compulsory courses or language/culture courses, please contact the relevant Discipline Advisor to discuss course selection. We also require a signed and returned Exchange Specified Approval Form before we will submit your faculty approval.

    Please note: if you need to change courses from your original approval when you arrive at your host organisation, please email details of your new courses to the Faculty Office.

  • Step 6 - Enrol at the University of Adelaide

    You will need to enrol in the exchange course(s), found under EXCHANGE in the University of Adelaide Course Planner, to the value of your approved study in the semester(s) in which you will be overseas.

    For example, if you are studying a Bachelor of Arts you can simply enrol in one course worth 12 units, but if you are studying Arts (9 units) and Science (3 units), you will need to enrol in two courses which correspond to each faculty to the correct value.

    The exchange courses for degrees in the Faculty of Arts are:

    • EXCHANGE 1003ARTS International Exchange – Faculty of Arts (3 units)
    • EXCHANGE 1006ARTS International Exchange – Faculty of Arts (6 units)
    • EXCHANGE 1009ARTS International Exchange – Faculty of Arts (9 units)
    • EXCHANGE 1012ARTS International Exchange – Faculty of Arts (12 units)

    Please enrol in accordance with the critical dates for the relevant semester(s). You don't need to enrol in different courses for different degrees - you should enrol in the course that matches the credits you wish to receive towards your degree in total. For example if you want 9 units toward a Bachelor of International Development and 3 units toward a Diploma in Languages, you would enrol in the 12 unit course.

  • Step 7 - Credit Transfer

    Here is an overview of the credit transfer process:

    • Your overseas transcript will be sent from your host institution to the Study Overseas office (this can take several months).
    • Study Overseas will forward your transcript to the Faculty of Arts for the credit transfer processing.
    • If you do not notice the credit transfer within four weeks of receiving your transcript from your host university, please contact the Faculty of Arts.

    Important Points about Credit Transfer

    • If you go on exchange in your final semester of study, your graduation ceremony may be delayed. Transcripts can take months to be received, and it is often too late for graduation deadlines
    • You will receive a grade of NFE (No Formal Examination). Your transcript will show a 'credit note' which outlines the type of credit you are awarded
    • Results will not show in Access Adelaide like other courses
    • Exchange study does NOT count towards your Grade Point Average (GPA), however you will often need to show your transcript to potential employers, and include it in your application for further study, so it is a good idea to do your best and keep your transcript in a safe place.

Short Programs

  • Step 1 - Research the Programs

    There are various overseas experiences available, most of which can be completed in your summer or winter break. Each type of short program may have a different application process e.g. for AIM Overseas courses, you are required to apply directly to that organisation. Please research the short programs to make sure you follow the correct application procedure.

    The Study Overseas website is a good place to start for general information.

    Please choose courses that are relevant to the rules of your program. If you are unsure which types of courses you have left to study, you can request a study plan from the Faculty office.

  • Step 2 - Request Faculty Approval

    You don't need to meet with an exchange advisor prior to requesting faculty approval, however if you would like to, please contact the Faculty Office to arrange an appointment.

    For short programs run by the University of Adelaide, faculty approval forms part of your online application via the GLAS Application System. Please work through the online form, as per instructions from Study Overseas.

    If you were required to apply directly to an external provider, you must self register your experience via the GLAS Application System in order to request faculty approval. Where relevant, please ensure you provide detailed information about the program. Please be aware that if you do not apply through the Study Overseas Application System, you can't be guaranteed credit.

  • Step 3 - Enrolment

    Study tours and in-country programs run in conjunction with the University of Adelaide, will require an enrolment in Access Adelaide. These courses will also appear in the University of Adelaide Course Planner.

    Programs run by overseas universities or organisations, e.g. AIM Overseas, do not require an enrolment in Access Adelaide.

  • Step 4 - Payment

    Whilst not strictly part of the faculty process, please ensure that all program costs and invoices are paid. Non-payment of fees can result in grades not being recorded or transcripts not being released, which ultimately impacts on the credit transfer process.

  • Step 5 - Credit Transfer

    For short programs that are run by the University of Adelaide and have an Access Adelaide enrolment, your credit will be transferred automatically by the relevant school or faculty office. Please note that there may be a delay between the time you arrive home and your credit being transferred.

    For programs run by overseas universities or organisations, you must provide the Faculty of Arts office with a copy of your transcript or certificate of completion. Credit will not be transferred automatically.

    Important Points about Credit Transfer

    • Where you are awarded a grade e.g. HD, D or C, the course will count towards your Grade Point Average (GPA)
    • Where you are awarded an NFE (No Formal Examination) or ' Transfer Credit', the course will NOT count towards your Grade Point Average (GPA)
    • Keep your overseas transcript or certificate of completion in a safe place, as it may be requested by future employers, or required when applying for further study
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